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That would be awesome!! Yeah this program really is super cool. If I can contribute I will do my best to try and do so. I'd love to see the library get big. Have you guys posted this on the nes forum sites? If you posted it on nintendage you might get some more interested folks. I was a big collector of NES and usually get some word if neat retro stuff comes out, but it was total accident I even found this. I was buying a rifle for my htc vive pro and couldn't find contraVR on steam which is supposed to be compatible with said rifle. It wasnt in the store so I searched google and a link to one of the 3dnes vids popped up which had a link to bring me here. I'm just glad I found it!

I'm sorry. I was talking about teenage mutant ninja turtles. I would guess there is a video if there is that many. I will take a look though!

Ok, yes I do understand. I will get that emulator and record my gameplay. That's easy for me! What about Tmnt? If I can provide a complete game video would you want that? If that makes you work easier I can help out. I would be glad to contribute!

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Oh no it's ok. The visual pinball authors are constantly updating files so it is second nature to question what version the file I'm looking at is. 

Duck Hunt!!!! Yes!! That will be awesome! I hope you make that work so much! I've been wanting to play DH on a modern screen for a long time. As far as what I would request, I'm actually looking for the mostly "simpler" games. I would of course like some of the bigger/harder games like the simpsons or nightmare on elm street, but I understand that its a lot of work to make these.  I can beat these games so if I were to get a bunch of save states would you want them? 

My condensed list of most wanted games would be: Nintendo Baseball, Nintendo Pro Wrestling, Nintendo Golf, Burgertime, Mike Tyson Punch-Out!! (the real one with Mike), and 1942. It's hard to choose there is so many! I'm a big fan of the original release (Black Box) games. Any chance you might take a stab at these I mentioned? 

And just a thought, have you considered doing World Class Track Meet for those of us who own Power pads LOL? Then you could use the smb/dh/wctm rom! I would love that because that actually what I had as a kid. :D

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OK! I'm a patreon now! I have a friend who may jump onboard too. :) I see the new profiles and I saw a couple I was hoping for! Any chance you might tell me what you are working on now? Could I make a couple requests perhaps? I would of course throw some $ on the table were you to help me get my fix lol. Keep up the great work. I really like this idea and want to see it grow.

I will try to find the app again later when I get a chance. If the vive controllers work it's hard to ask for more!

Question: Are the files included in the patreon zip updated from the ones in the repository? Are those games that repeat actually the same files? I just need to know if I have to replace those files. Thanks!

Ok I will find it and give it a shot! How do I go about asking to get a game profile done? Do you do them personally? I'd be willing to donate to the site to see NES baseball and Pro Wrestling get done! Any chance I have a prayer? :D

Is there a zelda 2 profile or did I read wrong? Thank you for answering all my questions!

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I got a chance to use it today and this program is AMAZING!!! It adds new life to these classics! Of course my favorite Metroid is in there too! I really appreciate what this community has shared.

When you say I can offer a collection of savestates to help a developer, I would just play the game in an emulator and save like every screen? There is a couple games I'd love to see and I'm willing to help out there. Like if I wanted to see pro wrestling what do I need to provide? Would somebody be willing to do it? If that and nes baseball got done I'd be in heaven!

Is there any chance a future update will include the ability to use the HTC vive controllers? I cant seem to load a game with the vive controllers unless I'm doing something wrong? Maybe I need to enable something? I use the mouse and it's fine so no biggie. Its just I sit a bit away from the pc when I play and it would be nice. 

I thought I read somewhere that there might be a 1st person view with the version I got? If so how do I use that? It would be awesome to play smb or zelda in 1st person vr mode!

Thanks for the help!

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I got the profile loading part ok. I've downloaded the 3dnes vr file, downloaded the collection of files from the repository, and can run and play the games on my desktop. I use visual pinball x which is very similar in that the b2s backglass files need to be the same name as the table they go with so they are found and able to be utilized. So that wasn't a foreign concept to me and I've got the set done already.

In this instance I just plain dont know what to do to properly load the games in VR.. I have an htc vive pro that I literally set up today so I'm new at this. I had heard a rumor about contra vr and stumbled onto the 3dnes page! 

I wanted to say I'm super excited about this and gladly paid up. It's the stuff we dreamed of as kids and I didnt even know it existed until a few hours ago! So go easy on me if it's a dumb question lol. I figure this post may help somebody else out too. 

I looked on steamvr for the app but didn't see it so was looking for some instructions to make life a bit easier. Am I supposed to launch it some specific way? I'm not saying it doesn't work I'm saying I need to know what's next. Thanks for the reply and thank you for creating this awesome program!!

Hi I'm looking to find the manual to figure out how this thing runs! Can somebody point out where to get it? I keep seeing references to read it but can't find it. Thanks!