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Thats wack lmao

Where tf is this next update bruh

Where tf is a new update bruh. 

Needing another update ngl. 

New update eta?

next update ETA?

Also bro, add some more gazorpian content and some content that was similar to the hot tub scene with multiple girls. No feet stuff please unless you find it necessary. 

So for my Windows users, you are only able to download the game using the browser version of, not the app. Use the third windows link to download it. 

3.3 download isn't working for me and im on Windows. Help

Damn yall downvoting my shit for no reason.  Im speaking fax. Also people who play on and don't download it, you guys are doing it wrong. I just want more content released, that's it. Imma be real with you my guy, this is the game that is gonna get you what you want. 

You are lacking when it comes to updates. It takes a lot of skill for what you do, but you know how much consumers want more of what you create with perfection being a part of it. You know what you have to do in order to become as successful as you want with this. Working on it and giving the people the progression to perfection with adding content is the way to do with this game. Show the consumers what you can do. 

For the dawgs who are playing this game, running it on this app is pointless. Download and extract it and it runs way better.

ETA on next update? Within like 2 weeks or?

Also guys, don't play it on, download it and use winrar/7zip

More Gazorpian content please

eta on the next update coming out?

Nevermind. You have to download it on the website, not the app. My b

Maybe just a little text tutorial from you would go a long way my guy

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Hey my dude, the download folder is empty whenever i clicked the download the 3.1 file for Windows? Lowkey wantin to play this right now

Download the game file and use Winrar to unzip the entire file.  Would recommend downloading it over playing it on itch

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POSITIVES: Great way to implement Reka and Jessica as well as Tricia into an entire scene together.

Story lines are great.

Graphics are absolutely fantastic.

Kinda wish some more scenes were added but can't complain with ones we got. The time put into this must be a lot.


SUGGESTIONS: Dialogue is a little weird and a little cringe, but I can understand it. For example the hot tub scene with Morty acting a little weird. 

Other characters should need some more love with scenes like Morticia, Gazorpians(or whatever they're called) and others.

Mindblowers should have all scenes be able to revisit

Morty shouldn't have had his foot fetish shown yet to the other girls in my opinion. Maybe after the hot tub scene because they would be more comfortable around him.

Sizes of things such as tits are different between some scenes.


download the game and use winrar to unzip it. it is way better to play when it's downloaded compared to on here

The way that you designed this game is absolutely great. You also have a great plots when it comes to the storyline. Your dialogue during the "18+ scenes" is awful though. No girl says "holes" ever.