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Very well made! weird but creepy! enjoyed playing it! (timestamps are in the description) Please Like and Subscribe!

Played this on my random scary games Livestream. very creepy and very well made. Best Jumpscares in the video! Good Job! Please like and Subscribe! (Timestamps are in the description)

Played this on my random scary games Livestream. Very simple game but I was confused when it ended and kept replaying it to see if there was more to the game. still well done!  Please Like and Subscribe!

Game does a really good job of CREEPING YOU OUT! Great atmosphere! Needed more for the ending though. If you enjoy my video PLEASE LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!

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This is very well made game! Can’t wait for the full experience! PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!

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The game has good potential but I spent most of the time lost in the maze. When I find my way it got GOOD! Overall a great game based on the film.

(UPDATE) Just saw that there are 3 Endings so I'll be diving back in to find the other 2! 

You should make a real game of this! nice concept!

The Jumpscares are PERFECTLY PLACED. you want to see someone scared of their mind? watch this! 5/5 GREAT JOB!

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Dope concept, a little difficult to play. Still very fun!   PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!

Scariest game in my 4 scary games! 5/5 

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Part of my 4 scary games! Really great game!! You caught the Vibe perfectly! make a full game!! 5/5

Part of my 4 Scary games. Realy nice atmosphere and tone. Would've loved more for the ending and the game glitched at one point. you should think about making this into a Full game! 5/5 

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Part of my 4 Scary Games. Short & good but wish the ending was more visual. 


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OMG. Love this game! can't wait for the full release!

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Nice Simple game. Jump scares really got me! Would love to see it as more of a survival horror game in the future!

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! VERY WELL-MADE AND GREAT STORY! JORDAN, KEEP MAKING GAMES! Let me know if you have any future games or demos. 

Really fun game! reminds me of Coraline! I hope you all make a full version maybe with 3 acts similar to Hello Neighbor.

Part of my 3 Scary Games! (Last Game) Looking forward to episode 2! 

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I know this is an older version but I did a gameplay of the newer version that’s out now on steam! Go check it out because the game is really good! 

A great addition to my 3 scary games! curious what is next!

REALLY GOOD DEMO!! Can't wait for the full game to play on my channel!

The first game in my 3 Scary games! Really good job!

honestly. I didn’t do anything special. I’ll run it again and get back to you

if you ever do an update let me know! I’ll definitely play it again. It was good! just got hung up at that part.

Who is responsible for this man in my bathroom? Funny addition to my 3 scary games
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1 word - CREEPY!!! Want to see more! Please make a sequel!

Play this game as part of my 3 scary games! couldn't find Alfanzo's Market wish the game had a map.  WILL REVISIT! the game is very well made!

I do see others have similar issues so you're not alone

I'm not sure. may have to ask the developers. worked fine for me

Ran pretty good. I didn't have any issues with it

Gave me the greatest Jumpscare of my life!!

Part of a 3 Scary Games collective I decided to give it its own gameplay! It's that good!

This is a really great game. I always suck with these types of controls but I got used to it and even beat it! 3rd game in my 3 scary games!

Really good game! May revisit in another gameplay! 

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it's an ok game. gave me a good jump scare! Hope the ending had a bit more. good job

Thanks for the Sub! Glad you liked the video!

played the new airship level!

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