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great game! Why did I always forget to carry some fire wood!! 

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I finally got around to playing episode 2 and I can say I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED! Another Chilling entry! Playing episodes 3 and 4 ASAP!

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thanks! I think i fixed it!

If you see this, please tell me if my thumbnail shows up in the comments!

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This was the best Jumpscare I ever experienced in a WHILE. Simple but effective! Great Job !!!

A Great Baldi mod!! had some funny moments with this one!

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Really good game. I hated starting over every time lol. Skibidi ftw 

Finally got around to playing this game and, let's say, I wasn't prepared for how difficult it can be lol

Wow! It's really well made! let me know if I missed anything in the gameplay. I was hoping for more creepy moments throughout. Can't wait for the full game! 

A really good start! I think you should add more and make it longer as you have something really good here. Ending Song did get a copyright strike on Youtube tho. The second game in my 3 Scary Games.

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Really cool concept! hopefully, it becomes a full game! The first game in my 3 scary games!

Good Concept but I wished it had more to offer. I would've loved more exploration and survival moments in the game. Still had a fun time with it, I hope you revisit this and make it a full game.

Top 10 Scariest game I've played this year!

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Such a cool concept! I wish there were more to the ending. Please watch until the end and don't forget to hit like and Subscribe if you enjoyed it!

UPDATE: I found out there's MORE!! gonna dive back in!

A CLASSIC and with the new updates coming I can't wait to deep dive into the game! I hope you'll like the video,  I got more to come as the updates roll out. (and a part 2 so don't forget to subscribe !)

Great game! had some really good moments for my video! gonna check and see if you have any other games I'll like to dive into! 

lol Very fun game! I liked it a lot. great job! do make a full game. looking forward to playing it! First game in my 3 scary games

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Game is made really well! was confused about the ending? let me know if I did something wrong! overall. good job! Very nice font choice on here as well! Second game in my 3 scary games

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It has A lot of potential! Wished Bucky didn't show up while my camera was still loading though. let me know if I'm doing something wrong and I'll try it again! 

Such a good demo! looking forward to the full release. For pacing, I suggest adding more survival elements and fewer choice-based segments though!

This game does a great job of being as disturbing as possible. It sucks you into this weird world where you're always waiting for the next creepy moment but never fully expecting how creepy it will be! Great job! If you watch please Subscribe!

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Really fun short horror game! I think you should revisit this and make an updated version! If you watch the gameplay Please Subscribe! Thanks!!

Really good short horror game! makes sure to get all the endings! Don't forget to hit the subscribe button!

Played during my 3 scary games, the game was so good I had to make a separate video just for it! Looking Foward to more games made by everyone involved!

good game! Great Jump scares! Hope y’all

Like the video

A good game! Can’t wait to dive into the lord a bit more with the other games! 

great game! 3rd game in my 3 scary games. If you watch please help me grow by subscribing and liking the video. Thank you! 

great game! If you watch please help and subscribe to the channel! 

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Had to finish the game out and do a second video! The game is so good and the increase in difficulty is perfect! Please bring this game to consoles!

thanks!! Great job on the game!

This was the most unhinged gameplay I ever made for my channel! such a fun game!!! Great f*cking Job! looking forward to the full game.

pretty decent game. it's short and a great start! 

Great graphics and a great concept! glad I found this game!

Really shows the fear of walking home alone at night. Great job!

As someone that had Sleep Paralysis, This is a very good representation of that! good job!

I played the game for my channel. 

GOOD JUMP SCARES! The fear of being chased from behind was so well executed!!

after playing I wondered if I could’ve just hung out in the crawl space but not completely go under to catch my breath.

This game is NOT easy!. took me 3 hours to beat it!


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Really loved Paranormal Entities so I had to try this game out! Not as scary but still a great experience! Added as the 3rd game in my 3 Scary Games Video!