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I am still convinced there is more to this game that meets the eye. Really fun though.

This is an incredible game with such amazing potential. I found this randomly here one day and I instantly was hooked on what this had to offer. Hands down one of the better indie games I've played this year. Incredible work, I can't wait to see what you guys do with this game!

This was the strangest game I have ever played and I enjoyed every moment of this...Wonderful job my dude!

Despite how it may sound, I loved your game man. Was an absolute blast and I wish I had more horror games like this!

Enjoyed this quite a bit! Was a lot of fun and had the crap scared out of me immensely

Scariest one to date man! Great job my dude!

what does it take to run this game? My frames were tanking with a 1080

let's goooo boy!

Amazing and terrifying experience with this one. Really knocked it out of the park!

I tried that and unfortunately it didn't work. I hit every key on my keyboard possible just to be safe too and mouse

I really loved the feel of this game and its simplistic yet difficult gameplay. Was quite an interesting task, had a lot of fun! Happy to have donated to the game! 

So, I know this is an older game but it just looked so great honestly with the design I had to try and out. Holy crap dude you didn't disappoint. The game as a whole just felt very clean and really was the scariest game I did for my 3 scary games episode. The camera aspect really was got me the most since that was your only source of lighting feature and the confined space really sells the terror much better than an open environment can in other games at times. So thank you for creating this fun and unique game, my only complaint is that I wish there was more to do in the game. I will definitely have to check out any other horror game you make my dude. Your game starts at 13:14 

Hey man, so I wanted to let you know I tried out your game for my premiere episode of 3 scary games and I have to say, you are definately on the right track with your game designing and such. The creature's design was fun and scary. The darkness really sells the ambiance well and while the jumpscare is a little old school looking, I still appreciate it quite a bit. I started your game at 6:03 in my video so if you are interested in seeing my playthrough and checking out my full reaction, here ya go!

Hey, I did your game for my 3 scary games episode and I wanted to let you know you did an excellent job creating the suspense and tension in your game. I like the aesthetic and world you crafted for such a short and simple experience. its effective and really punches ya with the terror. I did it right off the bat so i hope you enjoy!

I really enjoyed the atmosphere you presented for your game. It felt very well crafted, good spooks, and a nice little story. I will say I hope that in future updates that it is slightly easier to access vents and that the flashlight gets a bit of tweaking. Other than that, very enjoyable.

Finally got to finish up the second trial. Oh boy this was a bit difficult...

The fact you were able to make this in 10 days is honestly kinda astounding. I loved the artistic direction and design of the monster. My only small issue was the the fact I didn't feel too threatened by the monster since all it did was just stare at me when it got me but it still scared me the first time I saw him. Great job man, hopefully you are able to check out my vid, if not, thank you anyway for providing a nice throwback to a classic style of horror game.

So I did this a while back but I wanted to say, despite my sadness, I really enjoyed your game. I plan on doing another part to this, but after loading in today after months, I spawned with no flashlight. How do I fix this?

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This was a fun little game honestly well done! had a blast trying to maneuver and think

First trial is conquered. Was incredible honestly. Challenging enough to where I didn't blow through it but not overly difficult to the point I was gonna rage quit. Can't wait to get together the next trial!

One of the most intriguing and peculiar games I have ever played on my channel. I really enjoyed the burger sim but the ending was a bit confusing. Like I got the concept but the whole build up was a bit strange to get to that ending. All in all, still enjoyed myself.

Hi, so currently right now, I am working towards beating hardcore mode, I have two videos I will be releasing some point over this coming week and the following where I actually beat the first two trials over 5 hours. But I didnt't wanna wait to tell you guys that you guys did a fantastic job creating a solid and intriguing concept for a horror game. I feel so many elements that were just blended so well together for this while adding a bit of your own flair to it and I gotta say you guys are amazing and well earned the spot in my list for one of the most difficult games I have ever played in my life. I am excited to see the full Aislins story when it comes out if it has this setting of sorts for it. I hope that your development is going well. and I hope you guys have a great day.

Fantastic job my friend! I love this so much and I cannot wait to see what you have coming down the pipes with your future!

Strange little game...thats all I got to say

Dude. I loved your game. Legit was the most fun I have had making a video in a very long time thank you so much!

Absolutely loved the demo! Was an incredible beginning to what I hope will be an even more incredible full game one day! I hope for nothing but the best on your development! I am happy that I donated to the indiegogo!

I may have accidentally broken your game...

So, i wanna tell you there sir, I really enjoyed your game. It had me on the edge of my seat and was terrifying beyond belief. Great atmosphere honestly that played really well. I would post a video on it though my recording software decided to tell me to go screw myself and not capture. So, in order to not fake a reaction and play it again for a video, I will wait till more of it is out and make a proper video then. I just wanted to let you know though, great potential for a great game that is sure to be a hit!

Thank you so much for checking out the vid and even subbing too! It means a lot you guys go and check the videos of the creators whom play your games! And that is amazing honestly I have never had such a real honor in an indie game before so thank you!

Yeah I wasn't sure so I figured why not ya know? The game was fun honestly so I had no trouble going through it again. I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for the new level and where it will go for you guy. Thank you, I have been practicing in normal mode to prepare, hopefully my training leads to the conquerage of brutal mode!

This game shook me to my core with its amazing atmosphere and very interesting game mechanics. Cannot wait to see you guys do more with this project! I'll be back for brutal mode...