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Tried that. I have a video coming out next week. I held my breath and the granny just made a beeline towards me.

It gets a one star rating. It's poorly made and capitalizes off the "Granny" phenomenon.

I definitely will! I like Dex's character, so he's worth hanging around!

Some bugs? Try not being able to leave the first room buggy. Granny just appears and there's really no way to get away from her. Quite disappointed. I actually thought it'd be decent.

I like the feel of the game. Even though it's a demo, I feel like there is a tad more that can be there to give more about the game. Being invested in the world is only part of it. I look forward to more to be seen, but there's too little here to build a glowing review over.

Doesn't really seem very satirical, considering that calling a symbol of the U.S. "Nazi" is a little far fetched. The game seems a tad less like satire and more like an agenda. Though I got a kick out of the iphone being "Nazi". Kudos on that.

This game was actually a very interesting look at someone with Schizophrenia. I assume I got the bad end, but I'm not too certain if there's a good and bad end. This was certainly and eye opener in a sense. Wonderfully frightening work!

Just got this up! Fun game so far! I'd love to see the story fleshed out, but overall, nice graphics and atmosphere! Looking forward to a full release!