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I got the good ending, just have to go for the hearts.

Not exactly, I played some of their other stuff. Sloppy is still sloppy.

Loose and sloppy controls. It's also kinda stupid how the AI cars can just reset themselves wherever they want but you have to restart at checkpoints. Your car slides at the slightest turn but the AI can turn with pinpoint accuracy. I thought this would be zani drifting madness but instead it's a sloppy mess.

The main menu's also really buggy, as I have to keep returning and resetting to access the other difficulties.

It kinda needs to be even remotely playable to convince some involvement. I won't support it until it's actually playable.

This is a very nice little experience. The graphics are really nice, and the fact it was made in a week is really impressive. The narrative itself is very sweet and feels very decently paced. I do have some minor issues, the collision of the hands with objects is a little messy, as when I grabbed one of the core pieces it tried clipping out of my hand. The narrative itself also just kinda ends, which was a little off putting, but all in all, this is a fun little experience.

Game is practically unplayable. This is a tech demo. It should be free in this state. $10 is a waste of money.

"But the concept is good."

It's just very low quality RUST. Half as fun, twice as buggy.

I enjoy the game. It's surprising how much was put into this, from every aspect. The detail, the small town feels, it's all very cool.

However, there are many issues. Primarily with supply. I found that the fire is a massive burden in this game. I had a city growing, had just reached the 1000 person mark, and suddenly, the whole city is destroyed by fire. I had at least 1 well per every 5 homes. This obviously isn't intentional, but the wells just don't put out any water. I would put at least 3 wells to try and solve 1 fire, and by then, I had already lost several huts.

As soon as I got to level 2, my city was hit by a plague. This is annoying as I had no way to defend against it. It wasn't a matter of a few minutes, it was mere seconds after I leveled up. The house would change, and suddenly everyone's dead from a plague. This is very annoying as I don't get to address the actual city, I don't get to try and work on improving, I just get to watch my entire effort get wasted.

Another issue is the battle demo. I get it's just a demo, but it's terrible. Absolutely terrible. There's no way to strategically fight against the enemy. I tried to flank; failure. I tried rushing; failure. I tried luring small units; failure. The red team is too powerful. It's crushing and frankly insulting because no matter what happens, you can't win.

This game has great potential continuing forward. But it's a pain in the rear right now. Big waste of time to watch my city just crumble after an hour or more of playing in mere seconds.

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Don't take this as harsh: the game is not very fun to play. The levels are incredibly easy and don't really provide much of a challenge. Alongside that, there are numerous spelling and grammatical error, and all around is just a mess. The graphics are fine, but I'd definitely recommend fixing the spelling errors.

The game was a fun experience, but it does have some minor problems. Mostly that many of the guns have trouble damaging zombies and some ai stuffs. But it was still great fun!

As a proof of concept, it's really nothing much. It's very buggy and AI have pin point accuracy. Planning is nearly impossible, which leads to dying over and over again. Until there's more levels and more polish, this isn't anything special.

Sad because this game is purely multiplayer. Would love to see what's in store but no one's playing!

Wonderful demo! Just a few very minor issues, overall was a great experience! Looking forward to the full version!

Tried that. I have a video coming out next week. I held my breath and the granny just made a beeline towards me.

It gets a one star rating. It's poorly made and capitalizes off the "Granny" phenomenon.

Some bugs? Try not being able to leave the first room buggy. Granny just appears and there's really no way to get away from her. Quite disappointed. I actually thought it'd be decent.

Doesn't really seem very satirical, considering that calling a symbol of the U.S. "Nazi" is a little far fetched. The game seems a tad less like satire and more like an agenda. Though I got a kick out of the iphone being "Nazi". Kudos on that.

This game was actually a very interesting look at someone with Schizophrenia. I assume I got the bad end, but I'm not too certain if there's a good and bad end. This was certainly and eye opener in a sense. Wonderfully frightening work!

Just got this up! Fun game so far! I'd love to see the story fleshed out, but overall, nice graphics and atmosphere! Looking forward to a full release!