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Atmosphere is good, gameplay is a bit lacking, reminds me a bit of a chilla's art game where it's sort of soft locked to completing a specific task, would be cool if there were different ways to play the game. I definitely feel the puppet combo vibe, I went deaf at the end lol

Game is very fun and addictive, not the sort of game I'd typically enjoy, but I really enjoyed this one. The only problem is a bug where if you accidentally knock an item off screen, you can't get it back, and you can't complete the shift.

don't ya love it when everyone throws their let's play in your comments?

Cool game, it's a shame that the comments on itch have become a place for people to force their let's plays at you.

Very fun game! I also felt the need to donate because I think the developer is an awesome person, and I thought i'd be haunted if I didn't. I also really appreciate the linux version so I can also play on my laptop.