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"So as you know this game has villages and NPC, i was wondering if we will get villages and NPC."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I think you meant that this SCP has villages and NPC's (the first time you mentioned these). Also, I am no development member, but I am sure that the villages are already either under consideration, being worked for, or just planned. I am also led to believe that the weird tall towers are the villages... well... placeholders. As for the NPC's, they will probably come with the villages and if you want something already, well, you have the staff. Lastly, I am not sure if the developer is taking up actual helpers but rather volunteers (technically the same thing but it's kind of hard to explain) and if you want to contribute, then the i-want-to-help section of the SCP-3008 game Discord is just for you ;)

S.C.P. community · Created a new topic Question

How many SCP's are there in total in this game? Further more, which SCP's are included in this game?

SCP-3008 community · Created a new topic FINALLY!

I absolutely LOVED reading about SCP-3008 and started wandering what it would feel like. I was casually exploring games when I found this. When I saw the numbers 3008 in this exact order, I knew what was up. I hope this meets my expectations.