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TheMechanism Adventures

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I think we'll hear of this developer more often in the future. This short  game is really awesome. Great atmosphere, excellent graphics, sound cleverly used. A big little game. Congrats!

Thank you! :-)

A very short game with a great environment. Top quality in graphics and music. I hope to see a full game soon from this indie studio.

Graphic and music are top quality. A short game with  a great environment. Congrats!

ahahhaha... maybe.... :P

Thanks for your video!

Thanks for the video, the game was made for the visionaire studio jam. Visionaire Studio is a 2d tool used to developer point&click adventure game. Is not possible to use a 3D environment with this tool. :-)

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Hi CoalFire, have you played the correct sequence? If yes, in order to open the bookcase you need to have the combined plain in the inventory (you should combine the 2 plans).

Many thanks! Unfortunately we had only 14 days to make the game... :-)

Looks for an hotspot in a bed, not a metal bar image. 

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Thank you, you should look in a room on the first floor. The metal bar is part of a bed. :-)