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change it in the settings. or use a laptop mouse, like i do

try deleting the files then reinstalling. if the same error happens, download UnityPlayer.dll from the unity website.

he is planning it. just no demo android. only full version android

it will be for android. just not the current demo

of course he knows that. im just saying because why would you comment its way easier when its not even done

you have safety scissors for that. (they not in full game yet but they r coming soon)

thats not a bug. its just logic. if you turn your head around your body still going forwards, and you throw it forwards. you just see it backwards

no it is the glitch is that i kept failing to jump so when she got swept away even when i jumped it just acted like i failed and kept on doing it and i couldnt move

baldis ready to slap

try deleting the files then reinstalling

i found a glitch. if you do playtime with playtime then playtime gets swept and you keep failing after a while the rope will just stay and u cant move

i found a bug. if you sprint and hold it down for a while your sprint doesnt go down but you sprint. if you let go to see if u were sprinting or walking your sprint bar goes down again.

wow u dont even know how to spell the real Baldi

its not finished.

are you just trying to open it without extracting it?

you need to extract it then play the baldi symbol

could you make it run chromebook? i cant really play it unless it gets a version for chromebook