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this was really cool also the ending was unexpected

really hope this turns into a full game or at least make another game in this style this was really cool loved the story and atmosphere was fantastic i really really enjoyed

really good iron lung clone really well done i enjoyed i

really creepy and nice build up

really good and very creepy i was on edge the whole time just waiting for something to happen and the buildup was worth it

really creepy game really well made and that model for the creature looks fantastic whoever created the model did a great job cause it looks just like the thing in the picture here's my gameplay

this was extremely well recreated i really hope this becomes a full game i loved it really well done 


pretty creepy game with a really weird twist

this is hands down one of the best itch games i have ever played it is so unbelievably well made i loved 


this a pretty good short horror game really like the world and the story and the whole idea of it 

has a creepy and uneasy setting and the gun play oh boy i have never seen anything like it it's all over the place it's realistic but in a good way not in a bad way like a lot of games that try to do realistic i actually didn't find it annoying cause i see what you were trying to do so i actually liked it a lot i really enjoyed it

this really freaked me out and i loved it 

this is a really cool game and was not expecting that twist 

really spook creepy game i really enjoyed it 

this was really good and not what i thought it would be like also i'm confused why it's called the door you can never open 

really good creepy horror game i wish it was longer though but still worth playing

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to be honest i didn't really like this game is wasn't all that scary it was pretty boring and slow and didn't really make much sense 

this was so much fun you did a fantastic job but i do have a feeling there's a secret area cause i looked everywhere for the last red coins and plus i saw a sign over in another area i couldn't get to but there probably isn't 

pretty interesting idea for a game love the art style and everything 

this was a very creepy horror game and kinda reminded me of slender really well made

this was a fantastic game absolutely loved it i really want to see this as a full game on steam cause this really deserves to be on steam and the sound design is so good 


this was creepy and well made 

this was so dark and disturbing and creepy as hell i loved it can't wait for the full game 

really really great horror game had me on the edge of my seat

oh it's fine i still really enjoyed it these things happen don't beat yourself up about it a bug is a bug it's no big deal in my eyes games aren't easy to make

this game is super creepy but sadly i was unable to finish it wouldn't let me put the fuse in the fuse box and i did hide but there was nothing there so yeah 

not a great game kinda creepy but it's very very confusing and hard to really see what has changed

really great recreation and loads of fun but i really wish there was an auto save though cause i died and had to start all over

this is such a great horror game it's like a mix between SCP and FNAF this was so well done i loved it 

this was fantastic and extremely creepy and freaked me out but man that twist really makes me want that second part more i can't wait to see the rest of this game 

really creepy and scary short horror game i enjoyed it 

best minecraft horror game ever i really really wish more people would make minecraft horror games instead of maps cause the horror games are far better and scarier then the actual maps 

really really good well made game i really enjoyed though i didn't finish it but i still enjoyed it and was a lot of fun

creepy game but was unable to finish it cause i didn't find a flashlight and didn't find the body at all so 

really good horror game pretty creepy really enjoyed it 

very neat little horror game pretty spooky

really spooky and creepy game really well made and made me feel uneasy and uncomfortable

pretty neat little game i liked it