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The Magnet Boy

A member registered Mar 20, 2017

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I agree completely. It's a good mix of challenging and immersive

No need to thank me, thank YOU for making the game! :D

This game was challenging at first, but I got the hang of it after the second playing! Very cute, funny and challenging! Love it!

Played the game, loved the game! it's one of the best if not THE best hacking game that I've ever played! If only I had more time to actually finish it :P

I like it very much! The limitations on the jets sure gave me a challenge when I try to  boost from roof to roof, oh, and the game is VERY buggy. It's still fun tho :)

This game is very good! The control's a bit too sensitive for me but it's very promising overall! Can't wait for the full release!
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This is a very cool game, feels like CoD + Battlefield! Some things can be improved though!

I really like this game. The kicking mechanic is so awesome and innovative! If only the enemy was a bit harder and the optimization was better, this would be even better. Cause' right now, all I have to do is stab the enemies until they fall, nothing's really forcing me to use all of my moves, and the game lags  near the end.

Love how this game tests both my brain and my adrenaline  at the same time. If the lab was bigger, that would make it WAYYY more challenging! :D

Made a video about this game. Love the random-ness and the unique-ness of the game :D

I messed up with the setting and now it's unplayable. I cahnged everything blank to escape. And niw it's unplayable, any ideas? I tried deleting and reinstalling