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A short, dark adventure about pain. Inmost is a gothic mystery told through the experiences of a treacherous knight, a curious young lady and a wandering stranger. The highlight of this game is the atmosphere. The land tells the story; a dark fairytale grief and strife and hurt and loneliness. It's a tale exceptionally told; and while not challenging, the gameplay is engaging and moves the story forward. The sound design is also sublime. All in all I give it a very strong recommendation. 

Just finished this today. I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of the visual novel genre, but I am a big fan of the original novel and I thought this was a very good adaptation. I've always loved the different interpretations of Laura and Carmilla's relationship, whether there really was a romance or if it was entirely predatory, and how reliable Laura's account actually is (is she hiding her true feelings because she doesen't want to be judged by an 18th century society?) The visuals are fantastic and the music is surprisingly good for royalty free.  All in all, a very fun experience and you just gained yourself another follower!