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Hello! Yes, it is me again... ;-; This game is going so well! I'm proud to have been here since the beginning ^^ And my game coding is going well! Just need some art! >:o And... When the game's finished, I'd be happy to translate into Japanese! :p ありがとう、そして良い一日を!

Haha, sadly noticed that ;( Alright, thanks! The game is so cute and I love how it's going! Thank you so much for putting time and effort into this! Ooo.. And yes, I found the secret character, (But my timing sucks and I did not get it...) But when looking in the files, I find this?

Decided to check how this game was going! I don't know if you remember me, but I've commented on this before! I heard there were some really cute updates that I have to see! Also, on that game I've been making... How do You get like, YOUR character to talk when coding? All I can do is make it think! (I'm going to go look at this games script now, bai~~~~~~)

I see. Thank you so much! I really love your game by the way!

I see! Thank you! What tools did you use to make this? (Sorry! Your game inspired me to make a vn so heh... I'm new at this!)

Hello... Er- I want to make a game but my digital art is not so good... If you could do some character art for me I would love it!!! (Oh, and what tool/s did you use for this?)