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INSANELY GREAT GAME! Incredible job guys! 

What an excellent game! Great job!

One of the scariest itchio games I have ever played!

MY FAVORITE EPISODE YET! Played on Twitch and had to make it into a youtube video. What a crazy bitch LOL

This game was INCREDIBLE! We played all games on stream and my community loved them. The fact they are based off true stories makes it even more unnerving. Hope you love the video!

I loved this game so much! Amazing game! 

I am terrified of clowns can you tell?

I loved this game and can definitely tell what inspires it! Thank you for this game 

I genuinely enjoyed this game! Made me very very uncomfortable the whole game. Did not like the ending and felt like it could have been much better to end but 8/10! Game 3 

Thoroughly enjoyed this short game! I would have throat punched him but ya know cant fight back lol! Game 2!

Really did not know how to feel about this one. But Timmy really shocked me! Game 1 

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When Did I Become Part Of The Game? 

So happy I was finally able to play this game for myself! Loved every second of it! 

I am so freaking excited for choo choo charles so I had to try this one out! 1st one!

This was a pretty cool game with a neat idea! I got both endings! 2nd game

Loved the game! Game 3! 

This game scared me Shitless! Very well done! 

I didnt know what to expect but I loved it!

I really enjoyed this game! Loved the art style! Recommendations, sometimes the music starts to have weird static breaking. And I got stuck with the password part several times with no way to back out if I didn't know the password! But besides that it was great!


My Michael Myers loving heart was so so so happy! Very well made and cannot wait for the next one you guys release this Halloween! 

Can I just say, as TheLlamaGoddess, this was a 10/10 experience!

Very good game! The hand really got me! 

I LOVED THIS GAME SO SO SO MUCH! Thank you for such an enjoyable horror game. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this game! I did not know what to expect! Fun, creepy, and scream worthy! Thank you for this game! Full gameplay below! 

Really enjoyed this game! Uncomfortable the time that was played. Recommend!