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The Lemur Conspiracy

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Thanks a bunch. I'm a big fan of Hoplite too.

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I did some searching around, and I  wondering if this is your error and whether these solutions work?

I will still try to shorten some paths in the game files too in order to help but there might be a fix in the meantime.

Thanks for the info. I’ll make a bug task to try and fix that one up.

I had one query, does the issue happen if you attempt to extract the files in the root of your drive at C:\ ?

Hi, I asked Scott and he said that he started with this toon shader and then made some changes as needed to get it where he was happy

He is @cronobreak on Twitter too if you wanted to follow along and see if he has any other tips :)

It does not at the moment. We kept it to one player so that we could get everything working well for the jam but I was thinking of going back to it sometime in the future and adding a two player option. I think it would be possible with how the game is setup :)

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I'm really enjoying this game. Congratulations, it feels nice to interact with. I was a bit confused about how to use/access tier two buildings though. I tried clicking the icon / using some different key commands to select the II icon.

Otherwise thanks again for making it :)

EDIT: I worked it out. I think the first time the tiers unlocked the game also prompted me to change to a new map so I missed the part where I was developing things further after stage 1. A bit of a game flow thing