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Summit community · Created a new topic Fun While It Lasted

Cute game, short. Would love to see more story/gameplay come out for it. 
Regular playthrough.

Trying to reach the top from the outside. Physics makes the block want to stay relatively flat, so I gave up after a while. Would be fun to see up there!


Thank you! I'll get right back to it.

Cute game! I prefer wasd movements but I got used to the arrows.

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After you get the turbo and talk to your 'friend', the game gets stuck on needing to select the computer and the objective tab is blank. Happened on 3 different play throughs.  9/10 will play again when I can advance.

Edit: Can't delete the original video for some reason, but here's the completed game.

Very cute game. I'd like to see it expanded and with some sound effects and music. :) 10/10

Simple, straightforward, and easy.  Could easily be expanded. 7/10

Absolutely pointless, loud and as below, it gets so full of itself it crashes. 10/10  Recommend playing on low graphics. 

Very fun. Like everyone else I loved the wild arm flailing and goofy physics. 

like camping community · Created a new topic Gameplay

It was a little laggy every now and then, but I'm chalking it up to the lovelier graphics. I couldn't make sense of the letters on the headstone or tree, maybe there isn't supposed to be sense! 10/10

This video is better because there's no cam or commentary.

Got stuck in a continuous left spin and upward angle. Thought it was part of the game but guess not. Still fun! 9/10

Can now last 7.35 seconds. 7/10

If you fall off the side and hold A or D, you can stick to the side infinitely. 10/10 simple fun