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my thoughts(shacknews name is unleashed)

Given that there really aren't rules on how voting takes place I'm begrudgingly inclined to not disqualify either(and lets face it, its not like we haven't seen the chatty attempt to sway an external competition or two before). Imho as long as the votes are tied to unique ip's, they stand as is.
That said I think #1 is pretty blatantly obvious, and #2 irks me because an entry for the jam should be available to download via itch & ads should not be in a jam entry either(this should be a rule for future jams).

That said, I think for JamV, in addition to the two choice awards you keep the itch vote(or you could make a chatty only vote) for a third community winner which gets a shiny chatty badge(and no monetary awards). id also be inclined to have community badge awards for the other two choice awards too.

supposed to be vomiting/crying but squirting sounds so much worse/better!

other ideas ranged from stuff like running into a kitchen across the counter tops, setting things/people/self on fire, cutting line in security at an airport and have guards chasing you around the place. so little time though..

Original plan was definitely grander, in my head you would be annoying people etc and eventually either you could die or be arrested. Once that happened the game would reset, but it would record all your actions and your original character would do whatever you did until you lost control. Then you would take control of a new character and attempt to create more disorder and chaos etc until the same happened and it would just keep ending and looping and the goal would be to improve upon your previous attempts with each new character as well as reveling in creating layers of pure mayhem upon each other.

I liked the dialogue, I wish the silly option/ breaking the 4th wall had a greater effect. I quite liked it though I think some of the distances were too far. I think a narrative set in this kind of a strange abstract and sorta silly world would be pretty compelling as a full game.

I like it, well polished, good music. I guess I'm unsure why part of the description was hidden away, for kind of shock factor when you kill them? Might be more interesting to have it already revealed when making your decision to kill. This could be a fun anonymous(or not) mp game, feed wacky scenarios or traits into a random combobulator and see how others choose to kill or spare vs your own choices. Also maybe a results screen showing who you decided to kill/spare.

Doesnt work, is there video of what this looks like running?

Being a beach grump is a fun use of the theme, loved the sounds. I wish there wasn't a delay on being able to shoot your next shot. For throwing things was there a difference between the beer cans and shells? Might benefit from having lives to restart a castle rather than just putting you back at the first sandcastle if you fail. Maybe you should be throwing more old man items like a hat, monacle or shoes.

Game is hard! or I'm bad, anyway besides a negative sound, maybe a highlighting effect when you hover over either friendly mosquitoes and bugs you want to smash would help give feedback on what you're attempting to swat. Liked the use of the theme, though I couldn't help but think twitch swatter when I saw the name of it.

Sorry! Difficulty settings was on my list but ran out of time to implement. It was actually magnitudes easier, and then I played one or two of the early submissions, and thought "oh boy I need to ramp the difficulty up stat!" so the amount of clothing was tripled and people to avoid was doubled, and by then there was really only enough time to submit it.

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Alright just reuploaded and it works, thanks for the heads up!

huh so it is, reuploading now