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Good job with your first game. This seems a good place to build from. Maybe for you next game you can experiment with some visual effects. For example, in this project I think it would be a bit better if there was some sort of death animation with some particle effects and maybe a sound effect.

Good luck with your future projects!

It's quite an impressively large space, I don't know how much of it I explored but it was an interesting walk. I pressed E on many things....

Great work!

We all have those moments. Thanks for the quick fix, I'll give it another go.

I think this could be quite fun when its a bit more developed. I enjoyed this short demo. I'll be sure to try out future versions

Looks like it could be an interesting space to explore, but I don't like the controls. I move the mouse left and I look right. I press W but I go backwards.

Also, you should probably compress the download files to the are better for people with bad internet.

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Quite simple, but you are new to this so that is expected. I think it desperately needs some sound effects, well used sound effects can make a huge difference.

Was a little bit enjoyable for a short while. Overall, I think this is a good starting point. For you next project, maybe have a go at adding more "juice". This video should be helpful.

Not bad for a first game, but it could do with more polish. The assets feel consistent, but I wouldn't describe the game as having a creepy or horror feeling.

I think there is lots of room for effects and "juice". Maybe signal to the player that a monster is following them with some kind of monster screech sound. Some way of indicating damage other than the health bar changing would be nice too. Just a couple of examples.

I tried to get away from a monster that was chasing me but it didn't seem possible to lose them. Some way of making the monsters lose the player would be good I think.

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I played on the downloaded version. 

I like the music and the scene transitions. Seems like it could be a fun little game. BUT when I press Q on level 2, the game crashes. E works fine, but not Q. Log files are empty.

If you fix this, let me know and I'll give it another go.

EDIT: Doesn't seem to work on the browser version either. You probably should have done a bit more testing.

I enjoyed this. Definitely one of the better games I have played on itch recently, good job! I think you should keep developing it a bit more.

I did notice a couple of issues. When flying close to the top of the level, the camera clips through the ceiling and I can no longer see the plug. Sometimes the death particle effect is still playing after respawning.

It is based on a simple mechanic so it is easy to get started, but the levels are not too easy that they are boring. I enjoyed trying to spot more difficult but faster routes, the quick restarting helped this not be frustrating.

Some suggestions for future development. 

  • Some kind of limited ability which allows the player to be more menuverable. Slow down time perhaps?
  • Groups(stages?) of levels could have set environment themes. Just for some more visual variety. Maybe the first set of levels are in an office, the next in a lab, the next in a kitchen...
  • Moving level elements could provide additional challenge.
  • Timer and/or a score system to help with replayability

Still does it. Maybe there is just some weird incompatability issue with my system. Oh well, thanks for trying. Good luck with the project, looks like it would be fun!

When I run the game I hear the music but the screen is just black after the splash screen. The music was good at least.

Its quite simple but that is to be expected as it seems it is still in very early development, I'm sure you have many plans for future depth.

One thing I did notice is that the lasers don't go to the crosshair over longer distance. Stand in one corner of the room and shoot at the opposite corner. The laser doesn't hit at the crosshair. I imagine it is the same for very short distances too. If you send a raycast out of the middle of the screen, you can get the position of what is under the crosshair. Then, you can point the weapon to this position.

I like the enemy robot models, but I feel there is a style mismatch. The robots in the store and the gun don't look consistent with the enemy robots. But again, its very early so some of these things are probably placeholder.

I'm sure with more work you could make an interesting game out of this. Do you plan to have some stealth elements in the "escape from the ship" mode?

I feel this is quite a unique concept for a battle system, so thats a plus. But I think for it to remain interesting over a longer time there would need to be some more depth.

Often, you can easily discard one of the three options based on the last word, so once you get a feel for it its quite easy. I think it could be more interesting if you had the player type their own answers, but I understand that could be quite complex to implement. Another option could be to give the player a set of words they can use, and they have to build a reply with those words. You could scale damage based on how good the response is.

At the end of each battle you could give the player a chance to read through the whole battle.

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I found the interface a bit confusing and it took me a few minutes to figure out how to actually play the game. I think there is just too much information all at once and the interface is a bit messy which makes it harder to understand. 

Interesting idea for a game, but could be better implemented.

I don't usually play these sort of games but I enjoyed this one. Pretty good for a "first full-ish" game! I think you did a good job of teaching new elements but some of the levels did feel a bit like filler. I like the background song too. Overall, great job!

I didn't play the whole game, i got to the end of the lithium stage.

Quite short, or maybe I was just lucky with how fast I found the portal. I feel there could be more "juice", some visual feedback when you hit an enemy for example. Good models and the reload animation was interesting in an "that was unexpected" kind of way. 

Mildly entertaining for a short time. Could be much better with some extra polish.

When i started the first mission, the character drops down, it lands and there is an explosion effect. But then the screen is just black. I can open the pause menu. I see and can move the crosshair. I can hear an explosion sound effect when i click left mouse button. So i guess the level is still running and i can shoot, but i just can't see anything. Disappointing, this game looked like it was going to be fun.

Kinda hard, but i feel almost all of that difficulty comes from the lack of coyote time. It sure does feel like i should be jumping but i don't. More "A little frustrating" than "hard" i guess.