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Love how well y'all created Among Us! The tasks worked well, the customization is fun and nice, overall I really liked how this came together, I can't wait to try it out some more and get to see how difficult it gets in the later levels.

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I play a lot of horror games that focus on jumpscares, this one really does a good job at making the environment itself the horror.
I love how with so little you can make such a good game, all you had was a simple house, with a simple objective, yet you accomplished so much!
Can't wait to see what's next!
Keep up the great game design!

I'm not sure why people are comparing this to Phasmophobia, this game did its own unique spin on the paranormal investigation. It gave great detail on a back story and storyline, loved the voice acting as well. I gotta ask though, was there any inspiration taken from Grave Encounters? It felt like I was playing a game in the movie (Which isn't a bad thing) All in all, great job!

I loved the style of this game, and how you utilized HFPS.
It had a very polished feel and made me feel genuinely feel uneasy as I walked near the car, the whole atmosphere was perfect.
Also really impressed you made this in 2 days, can't wait to see what else you make!

Really great job with this!
It got me a couple of times, and the hallway really tripped me out (I couldn't tell if something was actually roaming or if it was just an audio clip)
Also, that painting with the eyeless girl was creepy as crap. XD

This game really blew me away! It gave me a toy story meets little nightmares feel which was astounding to see! It never felt like it was trying too hard for scares and everything flowed really nice together! Also, the artwork for this game was amazing! I think this game will be extremely popular when its fully released! Absolutely amazing job!

That's one heck of a kick she's got.. I gotta say the amount of stuff you've added since I've play last is incredible! I would love to know more of the backstory, like why I'm at school late, was a lured here, etc. With the addition of the power she managed to out play me 3 times by changing her strategy on where she'll be. Overall amazing game! Keep up the awesome work!

I got really strong silent hill vibes from the first part of this game, which is an excellent thing. I'm not sure if it was the mist or if it was just the isolation but you did a great job at creating a desolate atmosphere. I didn't run into any bugs, everything with the game went really well. Overall great job!

Really great game! I love how you were able to recreate the unnerving environment of PT. It got me a few times, but it did a good job at trying to scare you without over doing it. Also the graphics in it were great!
Can't wait to see what else you create, keep up the great work!

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Alright I'mma start things off by saying that first jumpscare got me good, the whole game had me on edge for the entirety of my playthrough. I'm not sure if it was a bug or I wasn't hearing right but it sounded like the footsteps were coming from the opposite side of my headphones. Could just be me though. Overall I think this was a fantastic game! 

Nice XD

I gotta say this game has really blown me away, the amount of stuff to unpack with this game is insane given that its free. 1st off I really liked the music and the intro cinematic, and 2nd that things that chased me can screw right off. I can't wait to make a part two to my video it was really a blast with the cheat codes as well!

I didn't receive anything of the sort in mine. Your anti virus may be giving a false positive. 

Holy crap, I didn't know you could hold down the button until 10 minutes in.... Overall I enjoyed the game a lot, I would maybe speed up the rate at which you complete your work. I think the supporter package is a great idea by the way! It came with really cool stuff! Great job! 

Really nice game! Its awesome that its completely written in C! I wish I was that good with coding. XD
I think the subtle horror elements, no in your face jumpscares but it did keep me on my toes! 
Keep up the awesome work!

Ah man that's messed up... I love it! XD

Easily one of the scariest games I've played in a while! There were so many moments in the video I recorded that I just ended up making a montage!
Absolutely amazing job with this game, and I like your customization of HFPS! I can't wait to see what you do with the game next, also did she learn her instant transmission from Goku? XD Keep up the great work!

I enjoyed this one a lot! I think I broke the game though, I'm not too sure. It had good atmosphere an amazing art style which fit perfectly! I did receive a  copyright claim on my video due to the chase music, but its fine because I don't get ads anyway. XD All in all great game! Keep up the great work!

I really liked the screen effect you added! It gave a it a ominous vibe and made it harder to see the enemy coming (I think that's a good thing), the ending confused me a small bit but I think I was just a bit rattled because of Moe chasing me. XD Overall great game! Keep up the great work!

Had a great time with this one! Felt on edge the entire time, I'm currently learning unity so it was awesome to look at this game and try to figure out how it was made! It took me a quick second to realize what to do, because I'm dumb. XD But overall I think this game did really well! Atmosphere was on point with the sounds!

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Great job! Graphics were pretty good and it had me freaking out a couple of times! The mannequin was a bit unnerving, I hate mannequins.. Also the sound of the busy city outside adding a great touch to the atmosphere! Gives you a sense of calm that is quickly ripped away at the staircase. XD

Not bad at all! It had be unnerved while I was playing, I would potentially add some light flickering or some noises in the corners to keep the player on edge. If you want to freak the player out while they are advancing towards the light you could add some footsteps behind them. Overall though great job!

Not bad at all for a tech demo! If you are looking to add anything to this one I would recommend grabbing a fogged up window from the asset store and placing it behind the blinds, and adding a psychical light to the rooms.
Overall it seems awesome for a 24hr tech demo! Wish I was skilled enough in unity to pull something like this off in 24 hours. 

Really great job on this game, the scares got me a couple of times and the atmosphere was really well done! Took me a minute to find out how to escape, but that's more on my end. XD I wish I could give my opinion on what to add/change but I think you hit the mark pretty well on this one! Keep up the great work! 

Nice game! I like the ideas of going through different mini games to proceed further in the story, I did have an issue with the mouse going off to my second monitor. I'm not sure if it was something on the games end, or if it was something I did wrong. Overall though I think this game did very well! Jumpscares got me good as well. XD

I liked the story with this one! The jumpscares got me a lot as well, they were well done!  I didn't notice the papers on the benches in my playthrough, I would potentially move them to a easier location to find. Granted, I could just suck at noticing them. XD Overall it was really good! Keep up the awesome work!

I love the atmosphere of this game, it reminds me a good bit of corpse party!
I enjoyed the graphics a lot, they really helped set the spooky tone.
I'd love to see this game expanded on more! Maybe add a courtyard, or some new creatures. Overall I really enjoyed this one! Great job and keep up the great work!

Great game, great graphics, great story, great sound!
Overall this game was amazing, it was a pleasure to play!
I really was blown away by the quality of this game!
It felt really unique, there were a lot of moments that caught me off guard in such a good way! Keep up the great work!

Its amazing what you can do with single area for a game, when you combine good atmosphere with engaging graphics and good sound design, you can go far! And that is what this game did very well! Excellent job with this game! Keep up the great work! 

I really, really, like the concept of this game! I think it is a fantastic concept and I have no idea why more people haven't looked into this. It has an interesting story, which has room for expansion to add more, good concept, good execution, etc.
I would love to see more of this game! You have my donation and support, keep up the awesome work y'all!

Overall this was a really nice game! And I think you could expand on the idea of going through errors in the game and make more gameplay from it!
Keep up the great work! I can't wait to see what else you make!


I think I enjoyed this game more then I should've... XD I love these types of game, they are always fun. However I was on my girlfriends PC so the name it grabbed led to some funny moments. XD Overall it was really fun!
Thanks for the laughs!

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I think this game has some good potential, not many games are messing around with mannequins these days even though they are very reliable for some scares. I guess its something about the uncanny valley aspect of it, I did enjoy having to crawl under things and jump over stuff, adds more to the game that some games on here don't seem to do that often unfortunately.. Overall I think this game has a lot of potential, I'm gonna follow along with your youtube channel because I'm excited to see what this game evolves into! Great game and I can't wait to see what else you do!


This was a fun quick game! I think if this game expanded a bit it could take off!
Art style was good, and I like the twist in the end!
Overall great game, I wish I had more to say but I think everything looked solid!

I like the art style, I caught on to the story when my girlfriend pointed out the closet mid gameplay. But I love that the child's name is bobby, I think it leads into a lot of jokes. I'm excited to see what y'all do in the future! I can't really think of any ways to improve the game, I think all around it was solid! Keep up the great work!

I really enjoyed this game! More so then a lot of others I've played so far, I'm not sure if it was th setting of the game or the PS1 style graphics but I really liked it. I accidentally found what happens when you die off camera (Really loved it) XD Also I really liked the music as well! Keep up the fantastic work!