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This game's atmosphere was SPOT on! (Get it?...It's a cleaning joke...nvm) Gameplay starts at 7:00

Just confirmed, there were ghosts in those stalls. Very short and sweet game! Gameplay starts at 21:52

A very fun horror game! Gameplay starts at 0:27

A unique concept for a horror game, I'll definitely be playing episode 2! The footage was a bit fuzzy and I apologize for that, but future videos won't have the same problem. Keep up to good work!

This was a very fun horror game!

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A very simple horror game that has a lot of potential, I enjoyed every minute of it! Game footage starts at 12:19.

I love horror games like these where it loops the same area! Game footage starts at 21:30.

Pretty fun game!

This was a very eerie experience! Excellent horror atmosphere, can't wait for the full release!

Jumped right out of my skin. Very spoopy horror experience!