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Fantastic game - Bloodwash influence noted as well as a more traditional Puppet Combo-esque style of game, the hiding and sneaking in the house drove me crazy, it kept me so on edge that after some jumpscares from the murderer I genuinely felt lightheaded. Still need to go back and get all the good endings but had a fucking sick time so far, great job!

this game gets more insane by the minute

Really enjoyed this, nice twist and a good story that isn't typical of these kind of games, fantastic atmosphere and made me extremely uncomfortable. I loved it!

Super interesting premise, loved the atmosphere and attention to detail, surprised I haven't experienced a horror experience as well put together as this about UFO/Alien/Abductions before now - cannot wait to play it on release :)

Really really interesting game! I adored the atmosphere and the storytelling through guilt and flashbacks, made me extremely uncomfortable and I loved every second, felt like a bad dream! :)

Really enjoying the game so far, starting to build up tension and it's slowly getting more and more uncomfortable in this house 

Really interesting demo with intriguing gameplay, distinct visuals and an interesting premise, made me very uncomfortable! 

Easily one of the scariest indie horror games I've played in a long time, once you understand the mechanics and get used to the jumpscares it's easier to deal with but the first 30-40 minutes of gameplay are SO uncomfortable I almost quit playing. Fantastic experience! Some of the jumpscares feel a little cheap but that is the only real criticism I have. Loved it.

Super good pacing, really dragged out the scares and made me super super uncomfortable, great work!!

Super cool short scary experience, nice checkpoint system and was good at making you uncomfortable :)

That was not what I was expecting to happen AT ALL, I think it was a super cool short game I had a good time, and I definitely don't think you underdelivered at all, nice job! :)

Super tense for a very short horror game, the atmosphere, setting and graphic style combine for an entertaining scare! :)

One of my new favourite of these style of games, super well stylised, not painfully difficult but more than enough to be terrifying, clearly a lot of effort was put in to the game and it shows, super well done! :)

Absolutely incredible, worth even more than I paid for it, fantastic experience and atmosphere, writing was brilliant and the world building was nuts for such a short game, highly highly recommend!

This game got me hook, line and sinker! Fantastic setup and engaging way to round out the experience, literally had no idea, fantastic job

Really interesting and engaging horror experience like many of your titles, always a pleasure!

The amount of effort to recreate twitch chat with such realism must be commended, they sounded as fucking annoying and ruthless as real life, spam copypastas and all. Creepy atmosphere, super cool gimmick, really fun project :D

Super interesting choice to focus on turning a creepy story in to a game because it leaves you with some creative freedom as to how you present it as a playable narrative. Enjoyed the recreation of the smile and the creepy walk cycle, overall enjoyable experience!

This is an incredibly well put together piece for a first game! Kept you on your toes, had sprinklings of inspiration from both PT and Silent Hill and had a commendable focus on the different things that make people uncomfortable as the world changes around you. Wonderful game! :D

Really cool game for being made in 3 days, I like the claustrophobic atmosphere along with the feeling of not being able to connect to anyone else, it's unsettling. Really enjoyed!

Sound design was incredible and overall a really cool atmosphere, I was confused but in a good way :)

Really enjoyed it, the very sudden flip into the nightmare at the end was key and very unsettling, some really creepy modelling work done and an unnerving atmosphere.

One of the most impressive pieces of short horror content from an indie dev in a while, lots of free reign despite being on a set path, lots of interactable objects and a smart narrative commentary system to help guide you. Even scarier than Home Alone and one of my favourite pieces :)

Massively enjoyed this! Incredibly tense in a subtle but powerful way, really impressive stuff. Massively looking forward to taking a look at Norwood Hitchhike and all the future episodes :)

I super enjoyed this, it had a specific style that was hard to describe but super endearing, and the message running behind everything really clicked with me. Nice piece, looking forward to more of your work :)

Really really cool adaptation of the original film, the visuals used and the use of the OST really elevated the experience, super scary and was crazy cool as a huge halloween fan

it's $2... just support the dev

Genuinely super enjoyed this demo and I am beyond buzzed about the full release - wonderful understanding of why SH-like games scare people and a great use of restricted camera angles while still giving the player a good sense of control :)

This was my favourite episode by far! The story was paced so well, it constantly raised the stakes without getting ridiculous and was a genuinely interesting take on some folklore concepts that doesn't tread the same ground as others, the aesthetic was on point as always and the game looked fantastic. I'll be waiting eagerly for anything else you release! Have a great day :) 

Really really enjoyed the story in this episode, really fit the theming of the piece and was a joy to sit through

Aesthetic and theming were brilliant, the idea of a twilight zone esque series of horror games is such a good idea and I love the art design following the aesthetic of the original series, would have loved an even longer piece but will go on to play the others and had a great time, awesome little experience

Played this on my /actual/ birthday and was a surreal experience, interesting dynamic and artistically wonderful piece :)

One of the scariest short horror pieces I've ever played, unironically scared me which most don't do. Sound design was SO good. Absolutely great jam game.

This demo is absolutely insane in all the right ways, quirky and genuinely funny, and the surrealist body horror was really cool I couldn't get enough. The events with the dimensions were some of the coolest ideas I've experienced in what is only a demo and would jump at the chance to play the finished product!

Very pretty and lowkey piece, loved the aesthetic and simple objectives on the train and I loved the clever use of folklore. Very well done!

Loved the aesthetic and pacing of the piece, well acted and good character writing, their conversations sounded very realistic and the twist was very effective

Interesting demo and fun use of the PT assets, would be happy to check out the finished game

One of my absolute favourite indie horror pieces now! Handled the retro aesthetic better than most, built the tension insanely well without cheap jumpscares, and the lore and the plot was SO interesting and genuinely frightening!

Scary as all fuck, particularly impressed by the random scary events that are different each playthrough, and the attention to detail for the actual steps in processing the body which works super well as a vehicle to drive the piece forward.

Fantastic demo! Would recommend