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The visuals were stunning and the atmosphere was absolutely out of this world, made me incredibly uncomfortable, can't wait for more

You didn't have to do me like that with those questions, really unsettling!!

Incredible atmosphere and really clever scares that you don't see coming, also the twist was absolutely nuts lmfao

Really fun short horror, kept my interest, unsettled me and then scared me so hard I had to take a few minutes to calm down, loved it

Absolutely incredible, adored The Building 71 Incident and this was no different, insane atmosphere and unsettling themes, will be thinking about this for days

Really love the way you expanded on the demo, kept the vibe while enchancing the dread and the build up 10x, loved it

caught me by surprise and was so absurd it was somehow made even scarier, loved it

insane levels of creepy vibes in this one, whole thing was uncomfortable

incredible game so far!!

this had me on edge for 30 minutes straight

Well put together, made me increasingly uncomfortable!!

I didn't know what to expect going in but this was one of the most violently uncomfortable experiences I've had in a while, great job!
(PS. I'm a Henry stan, i love that guy and his apples)

Loved how you made this look and feel, really fun little project

Strange experience playing a game that looks like Minecraft, but isn't...

managed to distill a kind of nostalgic paranoia that is rare

I absolutely adored the vibe of this game, so well done - dynamic amputation which affects gameplay is dope btw

enjoyed the atmosphere and the skinamarink style spooks were effective and uncomfortable

I can clearly see influences from lots of different indie horror games that you have managed to combine in a really interesting way - loved the tapes being constructed almost like analog horror videos, lots to love in this game!

Atmosphere was crazy, camera movement + the flashlight design was very disorientating and made it even scarier!

This was a really really cool piece that for me went from liminal horror through to psychological horror the more you played. Really creepy, loved it!

Loved having my expectations subverted, really cool game!

This game is so tense it's insane, I waited so long to get scared that by the time I got to the scare I felt like I needed a break LMAO - loved it

Really great for being made in 48 hours, was graphically impressive with an oppressive atmosphere.

Loved the style combined with the sound! Such a fun, jazzy vibe, combined with the narration about having done something bad really meant that the tension was still there and was uniquely uncomfortable.

Great game!

Fantastic little horror game! Loved the tension, good jumpscare pay off - loved it!

insane atmosphere in such a small game, really really well made

Really well put together, insane world building, I have so many theories! Fantastic game

Knew the vibe it was going for and executed it flawlessly, genuinely scary

Absolutely fantastic, understood sound design and how to create an oppressive atmosphere and backed it up with strong world-building!

This is one of the scariest games I've ever played, love the supernatural killer angle and the Nun is PERSISTENT, really enjoyed the story that was more in depth than usual and the Definitive Edition has so much new fun content!! :)

Legitimately the scariest game I have ever played in my life, I still haven't been able to finish it, I'm gonna have to go back but this terrified me

God I love this game, replaying it for Halloween and loved every second, super scary! :)

This game was phenomenal, hit all the references and beats perfectly, fantastic experience, first 90 minutes are TERRIFYING

Fantastic game - Bloodwash influence noted as well as a more traditional Puppet Combo-esque style of game, the hiding and sneaking in the house drove me crazy, it kept me so on edge that after some jumpscares from the murderer I genuinely felt lightheaded. Still need to go back and get all the good endings but had a fucking sick time so far, great job!

this game gets more insane by the minute

Really enjoyed this, nice twist and a good story that isn't typical of these kind of games, fantastic atmosphere and made me extremely uncomfortable. I loved it!

Super interesting premise, loved the atmosphere and attention to detail, surprised I haven't experienced a horror experience as well put together as this about UFO/Alien/Abductions before now - cannot wait to play it on release :)

Really really interesting game! I adored the atmosphere and the storytelling through guilt and flashbacks, made me extremely uncomfortable and I loved every second, felt like a bad dream! :)