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Love the idea and would find a lot of use for this, but sadly does not open any sprites. I've tried all 3 steps in the readme and still does not work. Hopefully there's a fix at some point.

Did the demo get updated too? I'm having this issue with it and would like to know everything works fine my end before purchasing.

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Quick question, I've noticed that the image doubles in size when applying this shader, resizing the application surface down to half the resolution I normally have it at works, but the image quality degrades a bit. Any idea why this might be happening? 

EDIT: Nevermind, I realised that the automatic drawing of the application surface was disabled in the create event, so halfing the scale there worked perfectly. Thanks again!

The best plug and play asset I have ever used for gamemaker. It just works and very simple. The effects are all amazing and stuff I've always wanted to include in projects but couldn't figure out. Thanks for your fine work!

Your game looks amazing mate, I'd have picked it up if there was a mac version of it. By the way, is there anywhere specifically where you learned to code a footy game? I've tried a number of times and it feels impossible at times, especially getting the AI to work and there doesn't seem to be much in terms of resources online, unless I'm looking in the wrong place. Congrats on a great game!

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WSAD for movement and body movement.

Directional arrows for flip and grabs. hold down arrow to kneel down and push up arrow to ollie.

When above rail, hold S to grind, quickly tap S and W to do a manual when just above the ground.

Hold space to use grab mod, so using directional arrows will now grab instead of flip.

Boneless: Hown down on the dir arrow to kneel, hold space bar to grab the board and tap up on the dir arrow to do a boneless, giving you more air time.