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I'm really glad you liked it! There are a couple of things I do want to go back and visit but I had great fun making it. Thanks for hosting this awesome Jam :) 

I have actually been wanting to turn this into a game actually, and a pirate theme sounds like it would be pretty cool!

I'm not sure why the slider wouldn't work. I'll take a look at it. I'm glad you like it though :) 

Awesome little game with great music. I love the retro style effect you have managed to create for the TV as well!

I'm glad you are having fun with it! Be sure to check back soon as hopefully I should have added some more levels by then too

Yeah you are right, spacebar does not work. Thanks for the heads up, I'll get that fixed shortly.

I'm glad you are enjoying it though :) 

I have been wondering the same thing. Decided to play it safe though and just stick with using an int.