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Yeah, i plan to make a downloadable file sometime. Though it'd be after i patch a few odds and ends.

The game isn't compatible with mobile, but on PC you just gotta press ENTER or the start/menu button on a gamepad.

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O dang, i think i know why that happened. I'll add that to the fix-list when the jam ends!

But anyway, money is just a little collectible for a completionist challenge and getting a big score :)

Very glad you enjoyed it!

Thank so much! And i hope so too

Its just a cute little cosmetic since they're from space :)

Also, im glad you enjoyed it!


The boundless walls in World 3 were intentional. Most of that level consists of floating platforms, so if you're not careful enough you might fall off.

Heck yea, someone noticed!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it

Thanks a bunch! The yetis were the most fun to implement and i was actually hoping they'd be formidable lol. 

Also, yeah, i think that might just be a random browser glitch or something. I havent gotten that on my end

This is so fun, the menu music absolutely bops, and the scenery is very well made! 

This is really creative and challenging! It took me a minute to understand how the plants worked, but as soon as I got it down I started flying through the levels. I enjoyed playing this a lot!

A bug that I found though, I tried to make it to the portal a couple times on the level where you place thorns across the floor and climb over the topside with flowers, but I'd constantly hit the ceiling and get knocked into the small crack right at the end and start infinitely falling.

So simple yet so fun! I was surprised by how lengthy it was, you just keep going and going, and it made me that much more invested in getting through the caves to find out what was at the end of it all. Very nice job!!

The art and animations are so well made! 


Glad you like it!

WASD on any game is my favorite, personally