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Yes I am still working on this game.

Hey! I just watched your 1 month progress and I must say that I'm very impressed. And I just want to ask if you could make version for Valve Index.

Thanks! I'm glad that you enjoy it. And it is already free :)

stole sorry :) english isn't my native language

Dani "stealed" from Innersloth ;)

Veľmi dobrá hra. :) (Ďakujem že si mi preložil pred tromi rokmi jeden príspevok. - HapTap)

Really cool! I love this game! <3

Hello. I revoked your ban so you can join back on our Discord.

Hi! Thank you! And yes there will be final update on this game . (Date is unknown)

Thanks! <3

I'm glad that you liked it! <3

Pretty nice game! Btw when I used the elevator, I fell off the map.

Game doesn't work. Even it doesn't start. Try working on it firstly before posting.

Quarantine Month

I hope you are doing well in quarantine. If you don't have anything to play and you want to play some horror game you can now play Disorientation for free for the entire month!

Development Of The New Horror Game

I and my friend started the development of the new horror game. We are posting some images on discord so if you want to see some progress you can join our discord by clicking here!

So enjoy the free game <3 and I hope you are healthy!

The free codes are currently disabled due the Free Week sale. But they will be active on my discord! Link: here