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Any chance of getting an english translation?

Thank you so much for the fast reply!
I just wanted to let you know that the game went very well. The players had a fantastic time, and we ended up with only really wild Witchy Horse Arsonist Grave Digger that stole the show. She unfortunately died to the Cave Hyenas, but everyone else made it out and overcame an ambush by the lawfolk at the home stretch. They had 26 out of the 40 cattle alive by the end. 
I just have to say I love how colorful the character creation was and my players said they had almost as much fun just creating their characters and horses as they did actually playing the game.
Definitely looking forward to running more in the future.

I'm so excited to use Cattledash! as my group's introduction into Frontier Scum tonight! I fell in love with the system after watching QuestingBeast's review of it, and after months of finishing up other games I can finally sit my group down to play a session of it. 

I did have a question though. How large is the canyon assumed to be, and about how long is it expected to take to get through it? The descriptors of the law being "hot on your hooves" and seeing their "cloud of dust" pursuing you makes them feel very, very close, but the idea that you would stop to poke around the burned down town or collapsed mine seems at odds with that.

I know cattle drives were often slow and took a while, so I wasn't sure if this was a car chase on horses or more of a long chase with the canyon being a sort of culmination of a longer, unseen engagement with the law.

My plan as of writing is to run the canyon as a two day trek, with them having to make a stop about halfway through (likely in the Burned Down Town) to rest the cattle before continuing on in the morning. I'm hoping for a sunset showdown in the Home Stretch with the law.

Thank you again!