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What is the code for the mayor house? I tried to follow the hint but it was wrong everytime :(((

The diary in this route was extremely cute with the little easter eggs and all! while i was playing the Nurse Wiebe route, i was wondering how the ending is going to be cause all the others have the two characters buried together.  And the scene for the ending pop up and i was devastated :(((( HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO MY FEELINGS?!?

Btw i really appreciate you leaving a guide in there! it help alot. anyway, REALLY like the game~ Keep up the great work!!!

this game looks really interesting so far but i was wondering if it has jumpscares? i'm able to handle graphic images, just not loud sounds and i'd really like to play this!

i finally manage to download the game today and got around to playing it. very cute indeed! and it kinda has a hint of yume nikki for me. its a little shorrt but i still like it very much. i have been strungling to create my own tilesets and since youre able to pull it off so well, can you give me any tips?

it looks really cute but i cant seem to play it snce there isnt any version that support windows :((