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Really love this series!!!  Thanks for the great asset, I'm putting together a small project using this and the NotZelda/NotZelda2 stuff (Also incredible).

You wouldn't happen to have anything on these characters with layers to show/hide the shields, would you?


Thanks man!  I appreciate your kind words on the retro "feel" of the game, as that's kind of our jam, and seemed natural with the theme of gamejam.
As happens to us far too often in these game jams, 80% of the development happened in the last 12 hours.  I absolutely missed all the edge cases you ran into!  There were many more features that got cut in the interest of time, and the goal of the game actually changed in the last couple of hours to make it playable.
So as you say, the game doesn't explain super well, but if you couldn't pick up additional Crew, you probably had 12 crew already and they wouldn't fit.  There should be a message or some way to notify the player, but there isn't.
All of your suggestions were super valid!  There was a "How to Voyage" option in the title screen, but it got cut for time.  We'll continue to develop a bit on the Android version after the competition, and it will absolutely go back in.
I've used Game Maker for ages :O  I use Unity and XNA and other stuff as well, but I always find myself coming back to GM for gamejams for the ability to prototype super quickly.

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Ack!  Sorry about that.  Just tried the EXE here, it was acting running inconsistently for me too.  I rebuilt it and reuploaded and verified it on a couple machines, if you would be so kind as to try again!

Welcome Voyager!

Tap/Click the screen to stroke your oars towards that direction.

Tap/Click your ship to furl or unfurl your sails.

While sails are out, you can sail with the wind, across the wind, but not against it.

Tap/Click the Helmet icons to throw a Crewmember out of your ship.

Your ship can hold 12 crew total.

Your crew will fire at nearby targets. Archers lob arrows, Catapulters shoot the catapult faster. Shieldmaidens absorb hits.

Collect all of the treasures!

Thanks man!  I'm a rookie, got lost in menus for a while, all worked out now.

Minimalistic Jam 3 community · Created a new topic Voyage!

Had some technical difficulties submitting this entry to the jam?  Missed it by a few seconds.  Here it is, for anyone's consideration!  Its actually mostly for mobile anyway, here's the Google Play: