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This is a really useful application, I am using it to keep track of a project i've started recently, and just having a way to keep track of what i've done and what is left to do is great - if I find myself with some spare time I can go to the list, pick a thing, and get started!

This was fun to play, although it was possible to fly outside the boundary of the game, and not have to worry about the bird enemies, just flying forwards then backwards to avoid the crosshair. Fun funky backing music loop too :) 

Loved the voice acting! 'Don't steal my stuff!' This was fun to play through, with bright colourful visuals, and stealing some of the items could be challenging, I found the laptop the hardest to get, and it took me a couple of attempts to reach the end. 

This was a fun 2d shooter! Colourful graphics and I liked how the gun had limited range. If I could change one thing, its how the enemies could damage you 2-3 points of health in a very short amount of time if you came in contact with them - a short delay after they damaged you the first time might have helped. But on the other hand, it did add to the challenge of the game!

Brutal but honest! Can't argue with that! I've uploaded a second version for web with a more reliable fall trigger and an escape menu in which you can reset the level if you do end up getting stuck on a fall, and well as giving the player a closer, more focused view. Small changes, but should make it a bit more playable. 

This was great fun to play! Enjoyable puzzles and cute birbs!

Very cute visuals and fun gameplay concept!