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GODS this hurt me. I'm curious about the lore in this. Why are there skulls, and what causes the red pawprints?

Glad I found out an version existed XD

Loved it! Great ending lmao

Oh no I mean I’m stuck at the candle lol not the area


Oh man I love 3H, thank you for making this :D

u h

I'm stuck lol

30 minutes lmao RIP myself

I love how the entire concept of level 7 can be summarised to "huge skips, you miss"

I most certainly did! In a way, I'm sad that the ending wasn't happy, but I also enjoy sad endings. Thank you for this!


When escaping Amarok, where do I go after exiting the library? I can't pass the two keeluts

alrighty thank you!

Also, quick question, would you mind putting the OST up on YouTube? I really like some of the music in here so I think that would be cool

Vapor Trails community · Created a new topic I can fly

Playing on chrome (not sure which version), and I’m not sure if it’s only able to happen at the weather station but it seems like you need to dash enough times to break the double jump and fly. The first time I found this I went to over 1000 in speed and was either too far to go back down or just left the map.

yeah, it took me directly to the sewers too. I mean, I knew how to get out, but it was still weird.

It's alright! Thanks anyways

I finally finished all character arcs :) first time I played I didn't and called Lucifur, and it really just had a pretty bad feeling. This was an amazing journey, thank you for this!

:0 alrighty!

Is it actually possible to complete the wire part?


I got to the sewers and from some reason decided to dash and hit the water on the right (next to the entrance) while still falling. It took me directly to the lower column district ladder.

no problem!

i  a m  c o n f u s i o n 

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I found out about the soul recently and after I got it and went back I found out (yesterday)that the lift in the sewers was broken. I interacted with both buttons and it still didn’t work. I did manage to get up and and today I tried it before I went through the door and it worked. Decided to visit Deep Town again, went back to sewers and the lift was broken again


the problem is that the entire game won’t load in, though. I guess I’ll just have to wait for another update so the save is wiped, but thanks anyways!

Any idea how to make the game forget my current progress on web? 

side note, I just tried it out of my account, and it works. So it might just be my own device?

It wasn’t intentional, I just screwed up and then I was like “wait what” lol

take your time!

I find it funny how you can lose to Sava and still "win"

I lost to Rena a couple of times and since I noticed that the amount of shards I had would go back down, I'd go get them back, use the vapor plasma etc. The third time I noticed that it started to lag and freeze whenever I collected a shard. Eventually it crashed and froze(I'm playing on browser by the way) and this pop-up appeared. I forgot to take a picture unfortunately but it said something like "memory full"

Thank you!

I found this game 3 days ago and even though I've completed it I come back just to mess around or occasionally restart. I'm actually planning on making a fan animatic/animation for this game although that will probably take some time to come out :D


"I fell of the f****n ship!'" why do I like that so much

I loved this! It's a great bonus to the original

Thank you! :D

A warm weapon is the fire sword!

Do you happen to know the three star item for the "more arms" riddle?