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I freaked out when I saw the email update. This was even better than the first Silver Thread (not that the first was bad of course) - I loved seeing the character interactions and the mystery as a whole! Plus the stepladder argument and the Symbiosis connection was just *chefs kiss* . I can't wait to see the next part!

These are great brushes, thank you for sharing em!


Here you have the answers to all riddles. There's a comment below, but it takes a while to scroll so I'm commenting to move it up:

Starter Pack: 1) ashes, 2) lightbulb, 3) smoke, 4) torch.

Rough Stuff: 1) shovel, 2) bottle, 3) dirt, 4) cactus.

Hot and Cold: 1) bowl and spoon, 2) fishing rod, 3) fire sword, 4) cherry blossom.

Wave Away: 1) flag, 2) forge, 3) vine, 4) message in bottle.

Ingenuity: 1) ice, 2) glass, 3) bottle of firewater, 4) bow.

Lovely handling of the topic. I really like the separation of aro and ace, and that being ace is a spectrum.

I can't for the life of me figure out the cavern maze even with the guide 😅. Would it be possible to see and entire map of the maze in the guide with the path?

I see. Thanks!

Great stuff! Love the new miniboss and the new achievements/easter eggs. Is the crossing the lake via lamps currently achievable? Also wondering if the story has permanently changed slightly in that  Val has no memories of Paradise at all, or if that's just a demo thing

This was amazing! The story is great and the atmosphere is so good. I love the lineless artstyle!

Great stuff! I struggled a lot with the "mental space" gameplay so I had to turn on infinite lives really quickly lol. Really fun mystery, though!

Looks great so far! Excited to see more :)

Such a lovely game!

You need to have gotten the double jump (weather station) and the orca flip kick (cerulean cove). Go back to the Night Market. On top of the train station roof thing, dash left, double jump, dash again and orca flip kick (or any combo that works, really). Once you get to the boost pad repeat going right and get ok the platform. Then dash left.

Yep, I mentioned that. But I also kind of agree lol

This is pretty old but I tried to recreate this with my poor coding knowledge and Scratch lol

(2 edits)

- Glad to see that the metro pass and the broken heart bug is gone, but occasionally disappearing items still occur. The Soul disappears from my inventory whenever I leave Lauren's basement. Vapor Plasma from before entering one of the catacombs (the one where the camera will stop to trick you into thinking it's the end of the map) and the Cerulean Cove (I just learned it existed lol) will also leave the inventory. The Speedo from the financial district also disappears, but the guy doesn't reappear.

- (Similar thing) There's one tube (I guess) of Vapor Plasma that will will reappear in my inventory after I've upgraded my health and the upgraded health will go back down whenever I leave the Night Market, this is after I've gotten everything.

-You still can't buy anything from Rob (this has been there for a while)

- When going to the Night Market, the level skips straight to the sewers and skips the lift segment

- Highway terminal doesn't seem to exist yet, but pressing escape will get you out of the screen that stays at the place you're at, at least.

- I also realised - isn't the level dialogue for the Night Market main level incorrect? It says "Flynn's Alley//Night Market Backstreets" which is the same as the actual Flynn's shop part. 

- Flying w/ the double jump at the Weather Station still exists/reappeared.

- You can glitch through the Weather Station water with surf. I'm not 100% sure but I think you could also do this using some other wacky combo of stuff before.

- Dialogue for dueling with Penelope is the one after you died ("Spare me the monologue") (iirc) instead of the first-time dialogue

- Penelope goes back to her bar ("Impressive heart" dialogue) and Flynn and Lauren are at the bar even after you've killed Penelope, got the disappearing Soul etc. Busybox has the correct dialogue and Penelope won't reappear at the Financial District though.

- Something that's existed for a while but I don't think was ever mentioned: I believe there's supposed to be something (Vapor Plasma?) to the very right of the Flynn's shop part of the map. It disappears, idk if after you leave the shop or after you've gotten new abilities.

- Having over 70 shards will make some disappear whenever you leave a level and have 69 left. On some segments the shard counter on the top left won't appear.  I think shards and some items (eg cigarettes) and also the Meteor Dive block things also reappear in levels even after you've collected them in general.

- Going back to the Gallery Park (Guardian Meadow) - still have the parry ability (edit: the symbol seems to disappears from your inventory although you can parry), but you can learn again for some reason. Pre-fighting Rena also reappears but the Book of Thorns doesn't. 

- Symbol disappearing but ability remaining also happens with the Orca Flip Kick and Surf, you can get themback at the Cerulean Cove/Night Market.

- I've noticed that there aren't area maps for a few levels, but I'm assuming that either makes sense with the lore since the Autonav is for the Sludge Wastes or is just a lack of time thing.

- Bug where the door on the same level where you fight Ritcher in the Night Market won't take you back down (existed for a while)

That's all I can think of for now. Weird thing to say but I like the addition of the new NPC (is it Lauren? I can't exactly tell) at the Weather Station. The physics build is fun to mess around with too!


I got her a while ago but never posted this

Alright, I downloaded the game and when I talked to Lauren first and then interacted with the table I got the same result. No gun eye thing.

Interacted with the table thing before talking to Lauren. It says there's a stabilised heart there, but talking to Lauren just shows the "You're back" dialogue. 

This was a great game! ..Potential Marco spinoff?


The soul is where the current version ends, sevencrane is working on Andromeda there's more on twitter 

Looking really good! 


Took me too long to beat it, but an otherwise lovely game!

This is neat!

GODS this hurt me. I'm curious about the lore in this. Why are there skulls, and what causes the red pawprints?

Glad I found out an version existed XD

Loved it! Great ending lmao

Oh no I mean I’m stuck at the candle lol not the area


Oh man I love 3H, thank you for making this :D

u h

I'm stuck lol

30 minutes lmao RIP myself

I love how the entire concept of level 7 can be summarised to "huge skips, you miss"

I most certainly did! In a way, I'm sad that the ending wasn't happy, but I also enjoy sad endings. Thank you for this!


When escaping Amarok, where do I go after exiting the library? I can't pass the two keeluts

alrighty thank you!

Also, quick question, would you mind putting the OST up on YouTube? I really like some of the music in here so I think that would be cool