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Not sure how to explain or describe this game,  depressing would be the best word I suppose. It's a good game, depressing but good. Just know, that people do care, regardless of if you realize it or not.

Without a doubt it's certainly disturbing. I imagine the game being a representation of an unhealthy relationship or humans animalistic urges to hurt others. If correct, is it the game that's disturbing or just us?

This is a truly beautiful visual novel, for people who lack knowledge or an understanding, I think this could help. It highlights struggles  that transgender people go through. It's in a sense, an educational visual novel. It's very sweet, fun, and heartwarming. I really could rant about how lovely this visual novel is but I won't. I highly recommend this visual novel, I think a lot of people will enjoy this.

I love the graphics and the controls in the game,  it's very lovely. The game had a very simple but fun plot, I found it very enjoyable. I recommend  playing this, it's perfect if you want a rather silly and fun game that's short.

Same issue here, it's such a shame too, looks like a lovely game.

You did a wonderful job creating this. It's such a cute game, and I love the song in the beginning, it's too adorable. The only negative thing was the grammar but it wasn't much and it didn't distract from the story.  Over all I enjoyed it a lot and hope to see more from you.

I love this game so much, it is such a cute and funny game, I highly recommend those who haven't played it to play it.

I love the game, great graphics and very creepy. You did a wonderful job. I would rate this game a 20/10. Loved it.