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This pitch is exactly what I want from a game, especially this paragraph:

"I want you to get to know your palfrey, the smell of its hair and the stinging in your legs after days of riding. The taste of rations that you take just in case, counting every nut and fruit in your leather bag. The sounds of busy forests, filled with life and blood. When you see something dangerous, I want you to to touch the handle of your axe. When you see shapes among the trees, I want you to keep asking what it is - a deer, goblins, undead? Do you need to run away? After all, that’s why people avoid travels - every journey may be the last one."

Can't wait to play more of this.

This was a lovely little game! I presume later versions will have some kind of proper intro to ease the player into it, but for now that soothing guitar does the job.

I really like the simplicity of the colours, the art style, the music. The writing has me interested and wanting to start a new save to experience some of the other options, which is exactly as it should be.

My only criticisms would be first that you are clearly not a native English speaker and at times this comes across, either with odd punctuation or phrasing or with spelling mistakes. For a game like this the writing is the most important factor so this would need to be rectified.

Secondly, as neat as the colour palette is, it is quite difficult to quickly distinguish between the text and the choices, and the emotion options in the bottom right corner need to be more prominent. Perhaps the best way to make the choices stand out more would be some kind of ornate paragraph marker coming after the text, i.e.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (but nicer looking)

With the emotion options it would be more convenient if they were integrated into the choices themselves, as I found myself forgetting to select an emotion. 

Overall though, I enjoyed this. If I didn't I wouldn't be spending my time writing this to hopefully improve the game. Looking forward to more!