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This game is amazing!!!!! I loved it, thanks for creating it <3.

This is incredible!!!!!! I can't wait for the full release!!!

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The game appears on a weird window way. Is there a way to play it on fullscreen or at least on a full window instead of a small square in a white background?

Edit: now that I'm using Windows 10 it seems to work properly.

Just finished it, that was awesome hahaha. I really enjoyed it! That ending though, that was sooo unexpected I love this game hahaha.

I need to play this!

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I really like the game and I think it could be awesome IF some things were fixed. I've been playing the demo before buying it and I've found a bug (I don't think this is intended) that seems to trigger after you save a game and load. The enemies not only respawn, but also multiply. Say there are 2 pigmen, 2 dolls and 3 small enemies with an eye. Well, once you load there are 4 pigmen, 4 dolls and 6 small enemies, this is a waste of ammo, HP and time, because it's unfair imo. Is this intended or is it a bug? Another problem I've had is that when I loaded the game after saving I had very low fps and everything was working perfectly before that, maybe it's a result of the enemies multiplying who knows. I wish this was fixed because right now it's the only thing that discourages me about buying the game. Appart from that and some minor things like a plant hitting a puzzle piece and clipping through the ceiling I'm really enjoying the game.

EDIT: I just found out you can activate invincibility in the menu, so I think I'll just do that whenever I load a save and have to deal with multiple enemies. I'll give the game a try because it really is awesome :).

I have the exact same problem.