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The Highlander

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I played this in the arcade when I was a kid. This version feels good as far as I'm concerned. 
One little thing I did notice is that in the arcade version, when there's only the slightest wall left between the player and a monster you could still blow it up without it being able to reach you. For me that was a vital mechanic :)

QUOD INIT EXIT IIo community · Created a new topic Amazing

This game and the series it is a part of is worthy of Jeff Minter-like accolades. It has that vibe.

It works but only when I turn off the turbo load/save routines off (@XF-).

Thanks Sarah. Really enjoying ZW2. I've definitely not beaten it yet but I'm really having fun with it.

Saving and loading of the settings with DolphinDos loaded does not work. After saving an empty file appears and a message "save ok" but the drive gives an error. Loading the save file gives a load error and no settings are saved.

Thanks! That helps. I think that's where my main problem lies: solving the first quest. I was assuming the game was saving my progress when it flashes the cartridge symbol. But I guess it's just accessing.  

I'm trying seriously to play Lykia (version 1.1 - EasyFlash) but the saving is causing trouble for me. No matter on which platform I try (U64, Vice or 3dsVice) each time I select "Continue" from the start menu or "Load" from the Run/Stop menu I invariably get the "Wake Up Nora" screen instead of starting where I left off. Am I doing something wrong or is saving just not working?

Well done, I really like it. There's more to it than meets the eye and I enjoy the concept. Recommended.

This may be of assistance: 

Hi Sarah. I'm noticing that saving games to disk while a DolphinDos kernal is installed doesn't work as expected. 

I spent a large part of my youth waiting for good arcade ports of games like Crazy Kong and Galaga. And I was often disappointed about the Galaga ports I found! Galencia was nice, but it wasn't Galaga. THIS is more like Galaga than any other port I've ever seen on the C64. Thank you for making this. I'll be very keen to see the complete project!!

no hassle is probably best :)

Yay, high score table save :) Thanks Sarah.

Played it only once (yet) and absolutely love it. It plays very well, looks and sounds great. Well done!