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I got it to work on Mojave using this trick but now that I'm on Monterey the terminal keeps telling me:

chmod: /Hamster All-Stars: No such file or directory

I confirmed I was in the right directory using ls and the app was listed. This happens in both bash and zsh, whether or not I use sudo, before and after restarting. Any clue as to what is going on? When I searched for "chmod no such file or directory" I got an Apple Support thread about admin setup on a powerbook G4.

Update: The Steam version works with no extra work even though Steam thinks its a 32bit game. Weird.

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App wouldn't open for me on MacOS (X) Mojave, gave me the "damaged" error. This is a known issue with MacOS. Here are the instructions to fix it: 

Side note: You do not need to have the exact path as in the video. Just drag the app from whatever folder you want into the terminal window. Terminal automatically enters the path for you. The game runs but there is no sound.

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Fun game but is there a way to change the default resolution? I'm playing on MacOS on a 2017 iMac. The bottom of the screen with all the status stuff is cut off. I tried editing the default preferences property list to make fullscreen false but it had no effect. I'm not used to screwing around in unity.

Although the distro for Mojave doesn't show up in the App Store you can still get it by using this direct link:

from there you can search YouTube for tutorials on how to partition a space on your drive to boot to Mojave. You switch back and forth by holding "ALT" during boot-up.