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This game was brilliant.  I thought it would never run out of ideas.  The button is alive and has a will of its own!  I made it 60 minutes without pushing the button.  How long did you last?

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Seriously loving this game!  It's really reminding me of Harvest Moon (sorry if that offends the devs), but it still feels like a brand new experience!  This is going to be the next Stardew Valley!  I guarantee it!  Really looking forward to the future for this game!

I absolutely love this game!  I can't get enough of games that allow me to stretch my creativity!  Even's extremely difficult to paint with a mouse.  Still, the atmosphere of this game makes me want to go back for more!

This game was hilarious!  I love the sound of the towel whip!  I'm really looking forward to future updates!  Just one note:

I did find that the difficulty spiked severely very early in the game.  I heard through the grapevine, though, that you guys are planning on fixing that.  Otherwise, the game was great and I loved the concept!

Seriously loved this concept! I'm hoping to eventually be able to do more as to right now, since it is the prototype, there is not much to do. But I can see this game being a huge success! Hope to see more updates in the future!

Overall, I LOVED the concept of this game. Mixing the idea of staging an assassination with some puzzle aspects is a great idea. There are definitely some issues with the gameplay that need to be tweaked, but it's a great game nonetheless! Hope to see something bigger come from this!

I absolutely LOVED this experience! I'm already a huge fan of puzzle games and the idea of disarming a bomb attached to it made it so epic! If you guys come across this game, show some support! Congrats on getting Greenlit! You deserve it!

Alright, so this game was a blast! I hope you guys get more support for this! I can see it going somewhere! And I couldn't help myself. Had to have a little fun with it. :)

I absolutely loved this game! I couldn't stop laughing! The text in the game is hilarious and I really enjoyed the narrative! Thank you so much for this and congrats on finishing it!

I absolutely enjoyed this cute but extremely weird game! It makes for a great time-killer! Hope to see more content in it in the future!

Haha. My bad, man. I'm just always on the look out for the good ones. ;)

This game had me gripped from the very beginning! The atmosphere, the music, the was all SO GOOD! I can't wait for the full release! Made a gameplay video for support! Great job, devs!

This game is an ABSOLUTE GEM! I can't believe how weird it is and how incredibly original and amazing it is at the same time! So far, I've loved everything about this game! I'm falling in love really quick! Great job, guys! This game deserves more exposure!

I absolutely loved the crap out of this hilarious game! Couldn't get enough of it! Great job and good luck to the devs for the future of Don't Spill Your Coffee!

This game is literally cracking me up so much that I can hardly breathe! I love the ragdoll animations and the unpredictability of the inmates!

Really enjoyed this game! I would seriously love to see it become a full experience!

I can't get over how immersive this game was! It was brilliant! Great job, guys!

This game is INCREDIBLE! Thanks so much for taking the time to make it! I think it's hilarious how we're all enjoying this more than No Man's Sky.

This game is absolutely cracking me up! I can hardly do commentary on it! If you'd like to see some of the hilarious gameplay that Ragdoll Runners has to offer, check out my latest video!

READY, SET, FLAIL! | Ragdoll Runners

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Loved this game! The concept is really unique and it has the potential to be really hilarious!

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This was a really cool concept and I enjoyed every minute of it! Looking forward to more, including the option to save!


I enjoyed this demo so much! Props to the developers for working on such a great game! Full support from over here! If you're interested in checking out what the game is like, my full playthrough can be viewed from the links below!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Seriously appreciate the time you put into this game! It was a blast to play!