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Hey Sasha!

The game is indeed still under development :) It's not my full time project and we recently had a child so I got a little side tracked. The good news is that a new release will be available in just a few weeks.  It will include several improvements and a new desert/arid environment with many kilometers of trails to explore. The current map will also get a makeover with new defined trails (so as to not get lost).

VirZoom is actually coming out with a sensor that attaches to the pedals of any bike late 2017. They also have a c++ SDK available upon request so ideally I won't be needing to hack it in and full support will be possible/is planned.

On the handlebar tracking: I don't currently have a bike I can test with for turning, but tracked controllers are supported in the upcoming release. I mount my vive controller to my handlebars with velcro wraps. Brakes will be controlled with the trigger and the face buttons will allow easily getting out of tight spots (reset position, reverse, etc). Making steering happen is definitely doable. If enough people want it and are willing to guinea pig then it'll make it on the feature list.

Feel free to try the demo. Any early access purchase version you get will entitle you to all future releases on and Steam.


Report any problems you find here and we'll follow up with you to address the issue or fix it in a future release.


Thanks for taking the time for such detailed feedback. We took some of it to make some improvements in our early access release :)

The camera is actually independent from the bike, but does move along with it. There is definitely some physical sensations that are missing that can take some getting used to when you move off of relatively flat terrain. We're adding some additional leveling out in the next EA release (still testing it out), and in the future we'll also have some more flat environments to explore.

Thanks again and I hope you enjoy the new releases!

Too bad that game wasn't released, it looks pretty rad! We'll be adding some more environments to bike in once we get the release on Steam this summer. We're also going to be adding mod/custom map support! Thanks for the feedback!

You are welcome to leave them right here. The game is always improving so any criticisms can be shared publicly :)

Hello, we just release our beta demo :)

Hello, thanks for your interest. Our technical test is now closed, but there will be a some more public tests coming up in March. Please stay tuned!