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The only thing I wish for is an option to toggle RMB look
This is the comfiest mech sim. game I've played in itch, it really is that good

Yeah this game is awesome

Fun game, but honestly, I really wanna ask the robot girl on a date.

funky lines!

Loving the customization options, finally fulfilling the dream of making a character with the Kiseff™ artstyle!

I am sorry Keke, now eternally a prisoner.

femboy option when?

Hell yeah

This is a very, VERY good tribute. 

For real! I mean, all of the Castlevania tropes and atmosphere are right there, even with some game mechanic references from different Castlevania games. It's fun to play, and functional as well. Loved your demo, and I hope to see this tribute go even further!

(Also, needs more flying skeleton heads, like, a whole room full of them)

It's fun, challenging, and for some reason, I really love the artstyle! Though, I feel like the dash could have an I-Frame ("Invisibility Frame") to dodge more projectiles, still, I'm in love with it and I hope to see the full version!

Taking aside some of the bugs, and my small problem with running, this game still very fun and jumping around has the same satisfying feeling that I should get from a parkour game. And I'm quite impressed that "Mirror's Edge" isn't one of the influences (maybe it lowkey is.) the system of rolling on the floor after falling could be a great touch!

 Tl,dr; I like this game a lot and I'd play a full version.

The game's mechanics and controls are very neat, it was a fun but short experience, hope to see more stuff like that~!