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Thank god. I don't care if this takes years to come out, I'm just ecstatic that it's still being worked on because the demo was so much fun. I wish you the best luck in completing this project!  


Just played the demo and I am certainly enjoying it so far. The characters are great, especially the leads (I anticipated liking Alice more, with all her sardonic humor, but it's impossible not to like Anna). 

I planned on progressing with the game despite the fact that the grand majority of it will likely be scrapped, but I encountered many errors that restricted me from progressing, which is fine, seeing as you said yourself that this isn't a polished work but just the unrefined beta. 

I am thrilled to see where this game goes, and the voice acting is actually quite good! I wish you the best luck. 

All For You community · Created a new topic Update?

Anyone know if there's been any semi-recent updates for the release of this game? I've been scouring Michaela's Twitch streams looking for anything that relates to All For You, as I really enjoyed the demo, but it seems like the game has hit a wall. 

If anyone knows anything, please let me know! (I also heard about the conflict involving DDLC, so I can totally sympathize, I would just like to know if the game is still being made) 


Just wanted to say that I am enjoying the game so far :) I've currently only done Neptune's route and I have to say it's been fun. The art is great and I'm excited to learn about all the different characters (even Terra, despite his drunken tirade)

The ending does seem a little abrupt though. Is that the demo end and should I expect longer routes with a full release, or will that be it? Either way I am satisfied. 

Thank you very much for releasing this game!