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Maxime Monast

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Thank you and thanks for hosting this jam. I had a lot of fun creating this game.

The use of time is used to great effect. This is great and atmospheric. 

Thanks onion!

This was great! Great use of Bitsy's dialogue options and beautiful art.

Thanks for the kind words and the invite.

Woah. Thank you so much. 


Wow... this is great.

yoooo... this game is out of control! so good!

Thank you so much. You did a great job with these frivolous teen cultists. You even found a bug in the game (that I fixed), so thanks again.


Thank you so much. There is actually 3 endings.

Thanks for playing. Hope you enjoyed your time.

Woah. Thank you for doing a playthrough.  That's very cool.

Thanks for playing!

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Hi, don't want to step on anyone's toes. But since the 4.0 updates... step 3 b) is....

Stick this at the top of the this.AddText = function(textStr,onFinishHandler) function:

    //tracery expand the text
    textStr = grammar.flatten(textStr).replace(/\s+/g, ' ');

Cheers and thanks for this great tutorial. Hope this helps.