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Well God... i've was trying to take a screenshot of the Puppet Panic Act 1 Phase 2 Boss where your edited version of the Drill Mobile from Sonic 3 appears to rip it and put it on an Photoshop project i am doing, Gay Bandicam doesn't even let me to do so, i've tried 1 million times to take an screenshot with the hotkey, and it does, but when i've want to see the image of the screenshot, i've can't, it just says that "It looks like the format of the file isn't compatible" and i've tried to change the file format to .PNG but it's just a freakin' black square in like 10 pixels. what hapenned? if Bandicam was able to take screenshots from the game perfecly without any problem. well continuing with my Box Art thing anyway...

Me trying to find the original images you used for the character select sprites in save select: 

You putted the link of my mod first, like that small yogur said "Me siento como en la cima de la góndola" 

No Problem! As i Said, this taked me months of playing the game again and again and trying to unlock all the achievements, this wouldn't be possible if it was for some russian guy who made guides to get all the achievements for the game. his videos helped me a lot to 100% this game. 

Corrupt Sonic 6 (I've consider Sonic 3D in 2D Being Sonic The Hedgehog 6)

+1000 iq

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Yes, i've like it, i've didn't know that you could use LoopStart so when the song reaches LoopEnd it goes to LoopStart, i've thought that LoopStart was just when the music starts. not when the loop of the music starts.  i've think this LoopStart is better because at the end there's like the "shining" music, when at the end of the song there's like some shine sound, it's like digital sound it's not actually generated by any kind of real life music instrument idk i wish i could know more about music, but that's not the point of this. back to what i've was talking before, at the end of the song, there's like the shiny thing, well, that shiny thing at the end of the song ruins the LoopStart a little bit because those 169 miliseconds ruin the start of the loop a little bit. so i've just removed those 169 ms and now i have what i consider, a better LoopEnd. edit: wow i just wrote a bible XD, if i've did this on twitter, it would have been some large thread.


i've updated the music pack and now it has reduced size of some tracks to make the file more light and the tracks are looped correctly.

and now i've just noticed too that some tracks have unnecessary parts that makes the tracks more unnecessary long and it makes them more unnecessary large. (unnecessary unnecessaries) i'm now willing to update it again and to significally reduce the size of the music mod pack.

oh sorry, now it can be downloaded, some option to hide the download was checked and i've unchecked it.

yeah, i've now just updated my custom music mod so now it haves fixed loop for a lot of the tracks that didn't

sorry for being late, but i've downloaded my custom soundtrack and yes, i've noticed some tracks are not adjusted to loop properly. i'm going to update the pack because i've already have corrected the loops for those tracks. 

no. don't tried it yet, but i've made my own custom soundtrack pack a while ago and it's really good. 

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Hi Sotaknuck, i've was searching for some tv-like filter for reshade, and i found this:

i've downloaded the shader pack for reshade, i've copied and pasted the shaders on the "Shaders" folder, i've installed reshade on your fangame, and started to experiment with the shaders, i've specifically downloaded the shader pack for the gtuv50 shader because i've used that shader in retroarch and it made really cool dithering effects, i've played sonic 2, and adjusted the setting of the shader a bit, and then i've played sonic 3 complete and i got really good dithering effects, (the elevator on launch base zone) i've was adjusting the gtuv50 shader for sonic 3d in 2d on reshade, and now i'll show a comparsion between the shader off and the shader on, you can really see the dithering effects your tv-like filter from version 1.21 does. edit: in "i've was adjusting the gtuv50 shader for sonic 3d in 2d on retroarch" i've did a typo, because it wasn't retroarch, it was reshade. i confused retroarch with reshade because both names are so similar to each other that i just confuse them.

just double click "SACRIFIGHTS.EXE" in the folder of the game.

vecnazak? i did'nt know that was his youtube channel name. since when i'm in his youtube channel, i've just see russian text.

here's a recording of me trying to get the achievement. so you can tell me if i did something wrong: Sonic3D2d 1.21 2020-11-29 14-58-43-524.avi - Google Drive

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hi, i can't get the spring master achievement. i tried again and again and again. and i can't get the spring master achievement. i've not touched the ground. i've used a spring twice so i've used 5 but i've bounced 6 times. and when i reach the top. there's no achievement unlocked pop-up.

nevermind. i've was in the gamejolt page of the game. and it already has the news from the update. and it has that tv filter!

yes!!! 1.21 is here! but there's not devlog of it. so i'll have to wait for the devlog for 1.21, this version has the tv filter you where talking about?

i've updated the custom music pack. now it does'nt have the saturn folder. and tracks like the VVZ1 one has been edited in audacity to make it last less and significantly make the custom music pack be less heavy.

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ok. i will update the custom music pack with removing the saturn folder, and making the VVZ1 track shorter. thanks for the hints!

the reason why the VVZ1 track is so long is because the remix of the track was a extended version. 

oh. and about the green sonic you have in your profile picture. i've searched "sonic riders oc" to find if there's an sonic oc with the visual design from riders. and i've finded a oc that is similar to that green sonic you have in your profile picture. and it's name is zack the hedgehog.

i've completed my custom sountrack for sonic 3d in 2d! here's the link: Custom Soundtrack for Sonic 3D in 2D! by sonikal3d (

oh. and that some of the music on adventure is recycled from sonic 3d blast.

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hi sotaknuck. i'm adding custom music to the game, i've beggined to add custom music to it since a few days. and i'm still putting custom music to it. when i've will complete my custom music pack. i've will publish it to this site with my own instructions. i've will be adding sega genesis remixes of sonic adventure music to it too. considering sonic 3d blast is the last sonic game for the sega genesis/mega drive. and that the 2d artwork of the game was drawn by yuji uekawa. that it was the artist that made the artwork for sonic adventure. yeah i will add sega genesis remixes from sonic adventure songs to it.

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Can you add a xBRZ Filter like Sonic 3 A.I.R? it will make the game have a better look and the sprites will look more rounded and cleaner. so it will be nice if you will add a xBRZ Filter. 

pls add:

tails flight cancel,

super cancel.

drop dash.

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the panic puppet act 1 boss is so hard for me. specially in the 2nd pass of the boss. it normally will take lose a lot of lives to beat the boss of panic puppet act 1

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hola, despues de ver unos cuantos tutoriales en youtube, finalmente soy capaz de jugar este joya en la compu nueva. y vaya que corre fluido. corre mil veces mejor que en la netbook vieja que todavia tengo :D

xfa es que al archivo no se le ve el icono y despues de un rato se elimina solo el exe del juego :(

hola, hace poco tengo una nueva compu con windows 10 bueno, cuando quiero abrir el juego me dice no se puede completar la accion porque el archivo contiene un virus o software potencialmente no deseado, y luego el exe se elimina. esto no me pasaba en mi vieja netbook con windows 7, y quiero jugar este fangame en esta nueva compu para que me ande fluido y todo. pero este problema no me deja, xfa responde este comentario urgente porque no me deja jugar. 

sotaknuck did'nt replied this comment.

i'm not having sound on derelict ex.

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ok. i've installed the game, but when i've try to open it. an error pops up saying that the version of this file is not compatible with the windows version i'm executing. 

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the main character looks exactly like the among us crewmates lol. but he haves arms, but the among us crewmates does'nt have arms, they have hands like seen in some impostor kill animations. but they are disconnected from their bodies. 

you've mentioned me! cool!