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That's really fun! :) As a nerdy human, I love the inertia of the tank movement, and it's a really cool take on the top-down-tank game style! :) Also the art is really cool and unique. :)

I am really, really, bad at it, and would love to experience a mildly easier intro level, but... maybe I just need to get good by playing more! :)

(Also in case it's useful to know, I saw your post on mastodon and bookmarked it for when I'm at the PC) :)

Thanks for making and sharing this :) I got my head handed to me in skirmish, I think I need to get good! :)

The 2 missions were a really cool intro to the game, and I enjoyed them a lot. It's really cool to see an alternative take on a bunch of really established mechanics - the resource gathering is really interesting for one! :)

Fantastic! Thank you so much for making quality asset building accessible to people. This and assetforge are wonderful, and that fill bucket is going to get some serious mileage! :)

Any ideas on what you want to see in a booking game for the ages?

Share away, I'd love to have as much input into this project as possible!