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Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed them. I haven't done much guerilla gardening myself, but I am a fan of it, and I've seen it done to great effect in many places that have food desserts. I will have to look into it and see if I could develop some ideas around it. Thank you for the suggestion!

Thanks for reading! I absolutely agree that markdown should also count as plaintext, since it's not at all obfuscated and can still be opened in any editor. I probably should have mentioned the similarities, but markdown can also be its own kind of rabbit hole, and I didn't want to get sucked into it for this short piece :)

Glad you were able to find some ideas you liked! I was hoping everyone would be able to find something that would be helpful.

Thank you so much for reading them!

Oh I highly agree on the modability point! I've been working on some simple JS apps in my spare time, and adding support for exporting everything to txt/csv format is easy-peasy and always gives folks a way to recover and save their data. I wonder why more people don't do it!

Thank you so much! Glad you liked them :)

Glad you liked it! And thanks for making the engine :) It's a great tool and one of my favorites.


This is a pretty difficult game, but I like the concept! I couldn't get past the first screen myself, lol.

Thank you! I'm glad the gardening one seems helpful-I would never describe myself as having a green thumb, so I think if I can do it, anyone can :)

Lovely game! I really enjoyed my time with this, and I had fun seeing what I could max out.

Thank you so much!

Thank you! I've fixed it in the files, though it seems that may be caching some of them, so it may be a little while before the change shows up.

I like the stream-of-consciousness quality this has, and it's a really interesting way to implement a hypertext game/fiction/story/thing. A lot of it made me think. Thank you for sharing, and also for adding the link to the tool, because I always like discovering new ones!

This is a very creative combination of the bullet hell genre and puzzle games. I like this a lot!

Thank you; I'm so glad that came across, because the whole VC vibe really grates on me.

Awesome, and thank you for reading them! Gardening can bring so much joy and I hope it does to you as well!

This was excellent and I really enjoyed reading through it all! A lot of the resources you linked to were ones I was totally unfamiliar with, and I really appreciated coming across them. Thanks for adding the page with links for easy reference!

This made me very angry in a "this game did its job too well" kind of way.  And I don't think that cable is going to get here before my phone dies. >:(

Very cute game! I enjoyed talking to all of my wyvern friends on the way through.

Hello sir! This is a very good game! I am truly impressed by what you got this little engine to do!

This is cute! I like the theme and it was fun going around and sucking up garbage.

This is a lovely simple little tool, and I like it alot! I've used it to make backgrounds for a project that's not yet online, but I'll link back here when I make it public.

Using Bitsy as a journal is a really neat idea! You did a lovely job of sharing your memories, and I enjoyed witnessing them :)

Thank you! And yeah I totally agree about the signs. I did not realize they were such a pain until they'd already been placed, and unfortunately I cannot drag them. I will try to fix it when I have some time to sit down and do a lot of copying and pasting!

Very unique puzzle game! I enjoyed it :)

Well this is thoroughly messed up, in a good! A lot of these types of fiction don't creep me out as much because I can usually see where they're going, but this...! Made me very uncomfortable. Excellent job!

Awesome, thank you for playing it!

I really like how you used the paths + custom sprites to basically make moving enemies. I don't know how I didn't think of that!

No problem! And yeah, I didn't think of a simple zip file, lol.

Thank you, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Your suggestions are very good, too, so I went ahead and implemented the ones I could. I may just remove the GPL tag for now until I have Github set up, or an alternative. I think I was confusing that for the CC tag on the assets.

The enemy slowdown is something I will need to learn more to fix. Some of it is unavoidable, yes (and it's way better than it was when I started!), but I'm sure as I learn more about the tool I'll be able to optimize in more ways.

A work of pure literary genius. I look forward to seeing whether or not Oen hooks up with his wife (ex-wife) on Planet Drugs.

This is exactly the sort of thing I've been thinking about making in Decker at some point. Great fun and it made me laugh a lot. Reminds me of West of Loathing.

I was happy to see a few of these I'd read and really enjoyed too! (Accidental photos and obscure acronyms). Both the Zine Maker and the collection of EZM zines you have are so lovely. Thank you for making them :)

Yeah, I kind of varied where they were because of my weird layouts, and I probably should have made them more prominent on that one page. I'll keep this in mind and try to standardize the locations in the future. Thank you!

Not really...I didn't learn about that until after I was finished, actually. I will definitely be locking them down for the next one, though. Thanks for the tip!

This is very cute :) It reminds me of the children's book "Growing Vegetable Soup" by Lois Elhert. I used to read that book to my kid when he was young, and this game gives me the same warm fuzzy vibes.

I'm so glad you liked it! The font used is called Proclamate Heavy, available in Photopea, which is what I used to do the graphics. It's also available through FontSquirrel if you're looking to use it yourself.

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!

Very cute! Love the ASCII art and I enjoy petting the nameless pet.