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Loved it! Amazing art style.

Wow. I am not scared easily but this... omg! That car & that music, is scary! Brrr! For sure following Aza Game Studio from now on. My gameplay vid:

Download does not work :(

Very nice short game. Recommend! :) My walk-through:

Wow, the art is amazing! Made a little vid about it. 5 stars!

Very nice short journey, I adore the art. So amazing. Made a short  non spoiler "trailer" like vid for it.

Very nice! 

Absolute amazing game. Such great visuals and really scary at moments. o.O One of this websites great gifts, thanks Missing Mountain!!

Short gameplay moments for who likes;

Weird but funny looking "people" and world. Curious what it will be in a few months.

Amazing game! Can't wait for full version on Steam. Here my fav part:

Loved this! The vibe of the game is original and one of the few quite enjoyable for woman to play.

This is a "baby" block, sometimes it counts, but most are count as missed.

Nice work anyway!

Easy! :D I noticed some 'baby" blocks, like really small onces. They did not count tho if I got them (Missed) Not sure if you are feeding your blocks right :p   I'm so used to using mouse and move free on the lanes (Audiosurf 1), the "middle pull" is def something I will need to practice allot. Also finding the best Visual settings for my PC and record prog i see I need to look at, because I seen it's not the best in this vid. (Sry! I will put a better vid as soon as I made one) Whoohoo happy @impactsounds! 

Nice, as a hooked Audiosurfer I love new games like this. Did have some minor lag (blocks very mini on lane, and then saying I missed), but overall it was nice! Would love options for sound on impact. I uploaded my first ride at my channel, not using the bonus option yet tho. ;)