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Loved this! The vibe of the game is original and one of the few quite enjoyable for woman to play.

This is a "baby" block, sometimes it counts, but most are count as missed.

Nice work anyway!

Easy! :D I noticed some 'baby" blocks, like really small onces. They did not count tho if I got them (Missed) Not sure if you are feeding your blocks right :p   I'm so used to using mouse and move free on the lanes (Audiosurf 1), the "middle pull" is def something I will need to practice allot. Also finding the best Visual settings for my PC and record prog i see I need to look at, because I seen it's not the best in this vid. (Sry! I will put a better vid as soon as I made one) Whoohoo happy @impactsounds! 

Nice, as a hooked Audiosurfer I love new games like this. Did have some minor lag (blocks very mini on lane, and then saying I missed), but overall it was nice! Would love options for sound on impact. I uploaded my first ride at my channel, not using the bonus option yet tho. ;)