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The Fringe

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Really good game ! :D I'd like to see more games like this on There's not many games where you're conscious of being chased anymore  

Really good game, it's nice to have a horror experience that isn't too involved, it's almost laid back but really good, really enjoyed it :D

Really cool game, I love how it's developed in a way that isn't just about cheep spooks... it's actually gripping, looking forward to seeing the full game :)

Really Love this game, i'm going to play it through an episode at a time until I reach the end, Also I think $17 is a good price :D

I love this game, I really hope you develop it further, I feel as though it could be really cool

Really cool game.. Got me good a few times :D 

Genuinely Terrifying Mannequin.. Very well executed   

I really love this game, it's hard to keep a game scary when you allow the player weapons. It's executed really well however, I really enjoyed it... I will be looking out for the full game, especially after seeing characters in the trailer 

I really love this game, It's reminiscent of Limbo, but has a whole sort of rage quit vibe.. Really good  

Love it, It's scary and hilarious at the same time, I really hope you progress the story in this? maybe do chapters :) it would be cool to see them passed down another generation maybe looking more dilapidated and torn :P 


I really liked this, i'm a massive Doctor Who fan so it was really quite cool , and nostalgic :)

This game is really good :D , Very spooky, very unique ... tense , in parts hilarious! I loved it!

I really love the style of this game, it's strangely Erie , and the darkness makes it so much more illusive. Really cool :)

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Really cool game, The torch thing reminded me of that level on Rugrats on PS1 :D   Mega Nostalgia! Really liked it , let my know when you release the full game 

I might replay it at some point. It's a really good game tbf dude. Look forward to seeing what you do in the future :)

Really good bit of fun! you can probably tell my platforming skills are not fine tuned :')

Probably the creepiest game I've ever played... loved it 

This game made me jump a few times, really well designed, I really enjoyed it

I combined this play through with two other horror games, Hope you don't mind :D

Really cool game, it's nice how it has jump scares but is upbeat and happy 

I combined this play through with two other horror games, Hope you don't mind :D

Genuinely really spooky game, very well executed 

I combined this play through with two other horror games, Hope you don't mind :D

Love this game in all it's silliness, it's good fun 

it wasn't an obvious glitch.  It was me trying to jump up the piramiter of the map 😂 

Lumin community · Created a new topic Lumin Let's Play

really good game, I like the light mechanic 

I love this game, it's the sort of game you would play at work on your break..

I really like this game.. It's so frustrating but I guess it's designed to be :D 


Really cool scary game, i'm looking forward to seeing what you do in the future.. the ghosts felt really indie, I liked it :)

Played the second part! Really like the ending, please make this into a series of chapter games developers ! 😬

I can't wait for the full release of this game.. i'm assuming it will cost money, but i'm more than willing to pay when it comes out :D 

I really love this game.. It's short.. but it brightened my day and gave me mega nostalgia ! :D

I cannot rate this game highly enough ! Developer's I really hope you make this into a chapter game :)

I mixed the footage of this game with another game hope you don't mind... really good 👌🏻

Really good game, I mixed this footage with that of another game , I hope you don't mind?? 

Super Spooky... The puzzles were interesting as well. I got a bit lost with the story, but i'm assuming it's intended to be illusive? 5 Stars! 

I love how this game never really lets you feel safe.. It feels as if wherever you go you're heading deeper into dread! Really Really good.. Looking forward to seeing any developments you make :D 

This short game is worth it just for the plot twist.. Really well made for such a short game 

Love this game.. It really keeps you on edge throughout... Feels a bit like Outlast..  Looking forward to seeing the developments you make 

I found this game on Gamejolt .. Probably one of the best free games I've ever played 

I want to know what I missed with the fire extinguisher 😂 But I don't expect you to publicise what it is in a comment  #spoilers 

I really like this game, I could tell I'd like it before I even played it. I got the feeling there's multiple endings? 

Doors | Looping Puzzle Game ' I Think I'm Lost '

I expected this to be a slender copy but it has a whole different dynamic! Reminds me of Cluedo :D Really liking it...