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The Fringe

A member registered Jun 04, 2017

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You guys took Youtube by storm, i'm one of the last but enjoyed it all the same 馃檪 Best wishes with future projects 

For a short experience I was really invested, the tone and visability is perfect 馃檪

I did a letsplay a few weeks ago, But I try to break it down in this vid, I really did love this game 馃槀

The Vibe is unreal .. The danger is all in your head and I love it 馃槀

She's big ... Like .. She tall 馃槀

I cant stress enough how much I enjoyed this! 馃槀 I also think people with ADHD will find this and relate. It's very upbeat and friendly!

Very emotional! I also love the voice acting it's amazing 馃槀

I rate this as one of the best games i've ever played on itch.. and I've played a lot of itch games on this channel.. 10/10 Love it.. 

Loved the demo so went ahead and purchaced the full game! 馃榾 I love the nostalgia feel yet it's new! and the whole Doom meets fantasy Dark souls RPG thing is pretty cool!

Hey Kyle, either way I think it's a really cool idea. Like what happened to Natasha? 馃槀 That could be a story in itself. If you would be interested in doing an interview over discord let me know? It would make for an interesting video for my channel

I really want to see the devs make this into a series of episodic games which continue this story and add lore 馃檪 I would be 100% behind this

I love the graphical choice, always adds a little something extra 馃檪

This is such a brilliant game to just lay back too and kill some time 馃榾

I really think this is a well thoughtout clever idea that could inspire 馃檪

Worth the 拢1.99, I had fun, those mannequins are creepy :D

Loving this so far! I think this will generate a hype for sure!

Just as funny as you think it will be.. :D

Mega Slender Vibes, which is good, forgot how fun it was and I love the jumpscares :D

Really nostalgic! Really enjoyed it, Looking forward to the full game! :D

Love how this game takes all your senses away, really creates an atmosphere :D

Love how this game takes all your senses away, really creates an atmosphere :D

Reminds me of the good old days of Dino Crisis On Ps1 :D

This was great fun, I love the creepy pokemon vibe meets the IT and Little shop of horrors references 馃槄

I'm genuinely really digging what this game is putting down, and intended to do a video on it, but the bug QueenFaith put below brings the game to a full stop.. If you run and jump at the ledge it fixes the bug but then leads straight into another bug :( 馃槄 Please fix, Loving the vibe though 

Turns out the end of the world is relaxing 馃憖 Really cool vibe 馃榾

I hope this game gets more attention becaause I really liked it, for a quick experience 馃榾

I really liked the ending 馃槃 Totally get the message.. Clue is in the title 馃槀

I really love the concept, I like the idea that this is based on the illusion of fear and how it can be tapped into, I also found the easter egg 馃槃

This made me happy.. Definately want to see more of the lore of this situation .. 馃槀

Hilarious, Ronnie has no life skills however 馃槀

Really took this to the next level.. completed the game , loved it.. 馃榾

wont let me rate but 5 stars 

Lots of fun... Im English so I understand.. 馃槀


Really enjoyed this unique experience , Really creepy got a few good endings but not all! 馃槃

This Game is like a Wow moment.. 100% want more of this.. 馃槃

How Could This Not Brighten Anyones Day??? 馃槀

Really got drawn into this game the puzzles are really addictive 馃榾 Really hope this gets more attention

This game should be getting more attention, There is a lot of attention to detail... I  like it a lot... 馃槀