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Rosden, you did an incredibly great job & I doubt that you have any limits to creativity. Do what your feeling and motivation tells you and something awesome will come out naturally! Thank you very much for all the fun with your games :)

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thanks, a bit easier this time but good fun!

that was challenging again. thanks rosden!

great one! I felt super stupid in level 4 but got it after LOTS of restarts ;) Thanks for the challenge!

thanks, solved that one quite fast but I have to admit, it was more trial and error compared to your other games. keep on going!





(had to come back to this as I didn't manage the first time; thanks for this tricky one :-) )

thanks for another short game!

thanks, especially the last level was really fun!

nice, thank you!

thanks for you efforts & this fun game!

thanks for another great game!

great game for some quick fun :)

thanks rosden for another great game :)

a good quick game

great fun again - thanks!

a quite tough one but got it! thanks :)

ah, an easier one. good as a break day for challenges to come ;)


Thanks, that was an easy one :)

good one!

Level 6 took me like forever, put finally made it. Thanks for this difficult one :)

great game, thanks a million :)

nah, I'd like to keep it more casual (but dropping a thanks on itch when I play is something I want to keep doing)

that was great fun again, thank you very much (I'm guessing we have to worry about you if there is no new game coming every day ;) )

got it, this was a quite tough one :)

good one, thanks for your never-ending efforts!

Got it! Again a great and tough one (level 4 took me a while) :)

Revisited the got 33. I think it's still not the optimum, though...

You did it again: well done! The last level was quite tough :)

Got 31 but I suspect it can be done even better. I tried to create a "+" form first and then went on...

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Yep, another incredibly great one!

that was great fun, thanks!

To be fair, the only thing that is even harder to imagine than the solution to your games is how you came up with the level design in the first place :D

Great game, even though not more difficult than your last one (Wall shuffle)...