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Aquí está la versión web, traducida al español:

Estamos en proceso de añadir una traducción al español en la versión web del final Ford, ya que ha realizado cambios recientemente que nos impiden actualizar las versiones de escritorio de los nuevos finales. Sentimos haber tardado tanto, ¡gracias por vuestra paciencia!

Our newly released Web version of the Stan Ending has a Spanish translation available:

We just released the Web version (albeit still in beta since we're still trying to get animations and the title screen background to work properly):

Oh shoot! I've got a lot going on with school right now, but I really hope I can work on a fix sometime. If you'd still be interested in a few months you could reach out and I could try to get things working!

We haven't had the chance to make a version in Spanish! None of us creators speak it, so the best we could do is try to run it through Google Translate if you'd like! 

Thank you!! So glad you liked it :D The original was pretty great, but we just felt it would have felt so much more satisfying if it ended this way :)

<3 :)

Well maybe we'll have to get it ready to post sometime then XD. I'm so glad you liked it

:) Hope you like it!

Oh yeah, we just posted that a few days ago :)
There is an extended version we created, although it was originally just for myself and my sister (who wrote the Stan new ending while I wrote the Ford side). We thought about revising and posting it, and we still might; but they are actually very long stories and may take a while to make internet-worthy haha

Oh, I didn't know we posted an extended version. Where did you find it?

lol that's what I was hoping for!

We have the Ford version created as a web project, and the Stan one is coming soon!

Would you like to have a Youtube version? :)

;) there's much more where that came from...

Ooh, which videos did you find?

I know exactly how you feel. I hope it at least cheered you up a little :) <3

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it :)

Sorry about the trouble downloading! :( 

We're working on creating a version that should hopefully run in the browser. If things go smoothly, it should be ready within the next day or two. :)

Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

Thank you! We thought this was what the players deserved.