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Curse you some_games this is difficult

Unironically very fun, going to replay it but cheat engine now lol

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If you open more than one window, it drops that amount of letters when you type, so, if you opened five windows and typed I, it would drop 5 Is, they wouldn't collide with each other.

Edit: Since it might confuse some people, I mean 5 gravity typist windows.

I downloaded it, clicked extract all and in the file explorer widnow that gets opened, it should be there ready to work.

Does pasting your own memes into the memes folder work? I did it and after a while the goose still didn't bring it but maybe that was because there's so many other photos/things they can do. I have my settings as shown in the bottom right of this comment

Go to the folder called DesktopGoose v.(version number), go to config and set task_CanAttackMouse to false

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*Launches Minecraft*

*Goose goes invisible*

Ok, so turns out that it's fullscreen apps that make invisible goose

if you want goose to come at you whenever it can go into config and make these setting look like this

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The actual goose file is called GooseDesktop.exe

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I am on windows 10 and using tablet mode, the goose does not show up on my actual Desktop

Edit: OK, so it's actually just invisible so enjoy your mouse getting stolen by invisible goose.

I got it to work

What's the name of the scratch project, so I can play this after flash player gets disabled

What is IWBTBG

Nice google translate

I have tried downloading it but the file doesn't show up. If I click launch from the app, it tells me to extract things. I do that, and it literally just does nothing. This happens every time I try. "Full screen is unavailable" * doesn't let me click full screen or use f

Me: *double clicks the video*

Yes it actually works

Wait you can get multiple geese?

Oh god, oh no, this goose is all over my youtube recommendations, and now it's foubnd me on!

who's giving who a bad time?

if you put the description through google translate on indonesian to english it says this: Mario, Super Mario or SMB) is a platform game developed and published by Nintendo in late 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment System console. This game has a big influence on the development of the world of home entertainment and is one of the best-selling games with sales of more than 40 million copies to date. With a bright game background and a growing storyline, Super Mario Bros. managed to change the face of the video game industry. Although it is often mistaken for the perception of being the first scrolling platform game (which in fact is at least half a dozen similar games that have appeared before), Super Mario Bros. can be considered as the pioneer of this type of game for media console games. By presenting different levels in each round and unique character development, this game is one of the standards in home video games.

dis sa gawd

whats controls to throw fire with a flower

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the bowser was way too hard

Edit: Did I say Bowser? I meant Ganon lol