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Best base ever.

Very nice game!

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I think a second game with more levels and maybe more challenging types of enemies would be very cool!

I installed the game in the app and when it launches its just a black screen.

dude its in the name "rtx 3050" it is quite literally made to run rtx

about 10 minutes after posting that comment I figured it out and completed the game, bad timing

Extremely difficult to move the sections that go up/down

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this game is not possible to move around in at all, no matter what you try to do to move the sandwich. you can bearly get it to go anywhere besides up.

fun but needs screen shots on itch page

This game is well made but the controls are absolute garbage, you cant get anywhere without spinning out or getting stuck in a pebble. play it if you want to experience pain.

why is this a larger file than than the actual karlson demo 💀

This game is so addicting, ive been playing for so long!

I have no idea what your supposed to do so i die within 30 seconds of trying to play. Do you jump up through the blocks and coffins? if so i tried that and I'm not able to, so how do you play?

I cant get past the first jump its so hard. Also how do you jump higher it never works for me

Very fun and addicting 👍. Very consistent fps, but it makes my laptop fans sound like a 80 year old man after sprinting for 2 hours straight.

Stating you are "not that toxic" seems like a stretch for what you've replied to people with, and stating that you are a minor does not change the fact that you were being rude to people with seemingly no reason for it.

Stop raging at people in replies, its not their fault it doesn't run well, and its not your responsibility to reply to every single person who comments about an issue. Rather than criticize people who are simply saying it does not work well for them, you should give them advice on how to find a way to fix it. Better yet, remove yourself from the internet and live in a cave.

Bruh i have a rtx 3050 and even running this on low settings makes my pc scream in agony

bro how tf is it 2 gigabytes????