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ooo! I can't wait to see what it will look like :0

Hello, Agata Sain!
I notcied people saying that there's a lot of bugs in the game. If you are interested in making visual novels - I sugest you try out Renpy. It's super easy to learn and make games in :D
Loved the game! The character's personallities really make it memorable, glad to have an mc that actually has a personallity for once. Love the artstyle, too.

You too!

Can't participated this time, but I like the idea. Hopefully I'll get to do the next one!

Sent you a friend request!

Could you tell me a bit about what you do? I will say right away that we already got an artist and animator as of now :D

I'll send you the invite right away in case I'm offline when you log on, so you can look over what we came up with so far and maybe get a bit familiar with the team. Here it goes!

hello! Go ahead!

Hello! We're a team consisting of an artist and a programmer - for this jam we will try to make an action-based game, with lots of visuals, etc.

The game will be made in RPGMAKER and have pixel artstyle - so if you can make PIXEL ART and have interest in animating - you can message me here or on Discord, we'll be glad to team up! TheEddButOnDcrd#3207

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Hello, Chris! Sorry for the late reply! We are collaborating throuh a Discord server! I will send you an invite. Here's my Discord TheEddButOnDcrd#3207

I like your style, Chris! I'm a programmer - I use Renpy as my main engine, but I also have experience with RPGmaker. I'm teaming up with an artist right now - would you like to join us?

Sent you a friend request! 

Hello, Nolen! I love the amount of passion I hear in your work. I use Renpy(visual novel engine) to make games, though I can also use RPG maker. I don't have a team yet - that's why I'm looking for one! Would you like to join? My discord is TheEddButOnDcrd#3207.

Hey Chris! It seems like I'm unable to view your work for some reason.

Hey! I love your artwork! I'd love to be able to draw like that one day. I'm a programmer - I mainly use renpy(an engine to create visual novells), but can also use RPG maker. I don't have a team yet, but am looking for one! Would you be interested to team up?


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Hello! I'm looking for team to make a game for this MiniJam. I mainly use Renpy as my engine, meaning that the game will be a visual novel. If you can make music, sprites, backgrounds, writing, etc - I'll be glad to team up! Write me your Discord and I'll dm you! :D

EDIT: we're using RPG maker now. Got an artist and animator on the team - still open for new teammates though!

Is the theme, like... Exteremly anime? Or is this just the second time when the theme is used?

Can't participate for now. Oh well, maybe next time.

Thanks for the answer! :D

I have technically been making games for a while now, but it's been a pretty on-and-off experience. As in I tried to make a game, didn't finish it, came back to game development a few years later, made a game, forgot about game development for another few months, then came back. Would that count?

Glad you enjoyed it! Game jams are really fun, and they are also good for practising. Good luck!

Good luck! :D

Cute short game!

Unfortunately, I won't have time to work on the project anymore. Still, thanks for reaching out!

I realised that I need to focus on my studies more, so unfortunately I won't have the time to finish this project. Still, thanks a lot for reaching out!

Watched a playthrough of the game and loved it! The radio show hosts have great chemistry, the acting is on point. It really does sound a lot like a random radio show you won't even normally notice playing in the backround. I think that's one of the best parts of the game! It doesn't FEEL scary, but when you think about the implications... It's quite terrfying.

i'm a hobbyist programmer, this is the second jam I am participating in. I'm studiyng RENPY and plan to make thegame there.
I realised I've bit more then I could chew and now am stuck in one place.

The initial plan is to make a short point and click game. MC is a photographer. When they were a child they accidentaly murdered their childhood friend and buried her body under a tree, now the ghost of said friend haunts their photos. Player needs to dig the spirits "grave" and set her free.

The player travels from past to present using their photoalbum, they need to use items and switch times in order to progress (example: the body is burried under a tree, said tree is dead in the present. If you travel to the past you can collect an apple from said tree)
There's 4 locations and each has a past variation (garden, mc's room, backyard and shed), meaning 8 locations overall.

I don't have much plans for the music, though I imagine it to be quiet and tense. Kind of like when you play a murder mystery game.

I don't know how achievable this is in the amount of time left, but if you think you can do this than I'll be glad to discuss! :D

Good luck!

To be quite honest, I've barely started. I have somewhat an idea, but I really need to start working. Your game looks really cool, by the way!

I watched a playthrough of this game. Nice update! The visuals are pretty nice and it's pretty interesting.


Good luck! I believe in you! :D


Last time I participated it was pretty fun, I'm excited to try out your games and see what people came up with! Good luck everyone and have fun! :D

Yeah! For me it's what makes it fun (and it can also lead to interesting ideas)

So unfortunate

good luck!

I had a lot of fun this jam. The games were fun, the people were very nice. It's been a pleasure to participate, and I hope to participate more some time in the future jams.

Congrats to Between Worlds for winning!

Thanks! I'm really glad you liked it :D

Thank you! :D Witches are indeed quite awesome, lol